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Next May is going to be epic?

| Like a lot of stuff will be happening, lot of games and updates
I'm just interested on Cadence of Hyrule and Team Sonic Racing but still. Also Saints Row The Third coming to Switch, I'm more or less hyped because I want to know if they are going to fix the game yet or not (and improve it from SR4)
What else it's happening on May that got you hyped or anything coming this year?

| Going to be apic? Like epic store epic?

| >>550915
Badum tsh

I try not to get too excited about anything new. My backlog is in a bad enough shape as it is.

| This is the first time, I hear about Team Sonic Racing, is it gonna be similar to Sonic and Sega All Star Racing?

| >>550994 kinda, objects are whisps, physics looks like in Transformed (but I think there is just Earth roads), 15 characters, Crush 40 (on YT they already released some tracks and they are really good, been years since we had something like these), cars customization and of course Teams during gameplay which I myself don't know how it's going to be yet

| >>551014 I was sold when you said Crush 40

| So I guess, it's just gonna be Sonic characters, right? I always like, when they put characters and stages from multiple game series in spin offs like that, like how they did it in All Stars Racing

| >>551225 I think Sonic team in this case is the division from Sega it'll probably have characters from other series

| >>551231 I personally think more characters won't happen, not even DLC, Sega hardly work on a game after release. Secret characters won't happen either, they said 15 characters and we already know who they are. Another problem is the Team theme. If it's someone from another franchise it would be hard to pair it with someone else. Imagine Ralph paired with the Dreamcast controller and Danika Patrick, no sense at all.
About DLCs after, cancelling Forces's last DLC... I doubt it.

| The only thing in May that has me excited is Deep Dive coming to gfl and the Fate CCC event coming Grand Order

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This thread is permanently archived