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| Would you be willing to pay 13.37$ for a potential game, where you play as a pantsu on head retarded NEET gurl that is running out of inheritance money and is forced to find a way to get an income, while at the same time dealing with her daily needs and crippling depression.

>Wearing pantsu on your head
>Browse the weird wired web
>Collect useless items to clutter your room with
>Play vidya inside vidya
>Eat, shit, drink, piss, bath and keep your mood up by having FUN!

| No

| Yes

| If the quality is there, yes.

| depends on if the game is fun more than the subject matter imo

| Make it 10$, then it is a deal. But hey, maybe no need to advertise it as "game that lets you put underpants on your head" as you'll turn away some people (including me). Just have a cutesy art and decent simulation gameplay and you've sold it to me.

| No, personally I don't like these sim management type games. The theme itself also comes off as weird and a bit perverted (but maybe that's just me).

Like >>550767 hinted at, don't advertise as "retarded girl game (feat. underpants)", but make sure the sim aspects are deep enough and highlight those. You could have the weird things in to spice it up, but the most important part is the gameplay.

| Thanks for your input. So less focus on silly stuff and a robust simulation.

Gameplay would be managing time, money, mood and depression. Your mood swings depending on several factors like the activities you do, how well you take care of your body, your depression level or random things like the weather. Depression in turn is affected by your current mood and getting too depressed = GAME OVER. Mundane activities would be spiced up by tidbits of the mind of the protag or minigames.

| This thread give me YanSim vibes

If This game is made, don't let the game/dev turn out the same way.

| >>551106
If I get past the prototyping stage I promise it won't become an infinite early access game milked for patreonbux.

| Make it cute af

| Make it comfy af

| Make it your own af (gotta keep the chain going)

| >>551212 just don't stream yourself playing games for hours every other day and then make a video about how you are struggling with having enough personal time after that.

| I like the idea of a kind of life simulation game, but whenever I play games, that are supposed to be that they end up being boring
So make sure, you put interesting and fun gameplay/dialogue in there

| I'd buy it for $10 tho it depends where you are going to sell it. If you sell it like on steam I am gonna wait like a dick the sales and get it for like $4 kek

| >>551426 this, and good art + ost is pretty much a must for sim games. the ability to sit for a while and just admire both would make it a super chill experience. being able to choose a song is really appealing too - maybe take inspiration from va11's jukebox feature?

| Just a suggestion, but an option for a small, always-on-top window would also be fun, so you could have it open on top of doing stuff.

| If it has a storyline beyondf just the premise then I'd at least consider it.

| >Wearing pantsu on your head
>Browse the weird wired web
>Collect useless items to clutter your room with
>Play vidya inside vidya
>Eat, shit, drink, piss, bath and keep your mood up by having FUN!
Sound good as long as this is not something that looks like an rpgmaker titles that sell for a few bucks on steam.

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