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Arcade G/u/rls

| Hey! What is your most favorite arcade game? I like Metal Slug!

| Ninja Baseball Batman

| Shadow over Mystara. Although, Ill alwayd have fond memories of lightgun games like Time Crisis and House of the Dead.

| Fruit Pig. A timeless masterpiece.

| >>550454
>Shadow over Mystara
Yes! Same!

| Arcade as in cabinet: Groove Coaster
Arcade as in genre: Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon

| iidx and dance dance revolution

| Time Crisis and DDR. The arcade I used to go to was small and it didn't have that many games, but it was comfy asf.

| Initial D
Virtual On
That dumb horse game

| >>550589
High five.
o/ \o

| Gotta go with Metal Slug too... Can't beat a good ol HEVI MASHINGAN

| Arcades? Any KoF will do, but my shit is Last Blade 2 and Melty Blood

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This thread is permanently archived