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Who is excited for the new vr rpg Nostos?

| Because I am

| Same!!!

| >Netease

hard pass.

| Honestly it looks like just another soulless exploitative pay2win mmo with nice art planning to scam naive patrons who haven't wised up to what there planning.

I've never played or even heard of a Chinese MMO that wasn't either a knockoff of another better MMO or just unplayably cheap and crappy, and I don't see a reason why this game will break that record.

Sorry, was that too harsh?

| It is harsh, but it deserves it. Granted, its always possible that they'll have a breakout game, but the track record isn't pretty. Also gonna throw out that this is the same company that invested 100 million into a new Bungie IP.

So, skeptical, but lets wait and see.

| It looks good plus the vocalist from nier is going to be singing for the OST so I'm all in for that lol

| >NetEase
Not these guys again.
I tried their MMO LifeAfter and it's like a themepark grindfest with tons of daily events and limitations to keep people hooked. I wouldn't be surprised if Nostos ended up being the same thing

not to mention about tinder battle royale too

| OST is already 10/10 since it's by the singer from Nier series and the composer from Maid in Abyss.

The game itself is a hard pass though. Cheap VR bait plus doesn't look like it plays well.

>captcha: died bimbo elise. F for Elise, I guess.

| >>550074 I gotta admit, in terms of gameplay, it would probably be a 1/10 but the art and OST is amazing. It's definitely a game worth trying once but a game worth refunding once too.

| >>550281 it's one pf those games you buy the special edition with art book and soundtrack, copy the music/art files and get a refund for a refund

| >>550305
That's kind of sketchy...

| >>550305
I'm pretty sure you lose the rights to owning the art book and soundtrack in that case, so might as well just pirate it in the first place.

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