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Generation Z girl encounters FFVII

| I want to give a shot to all the Final Fantasy games that are coming to Switch, I wanna start with VII but I have heard mixed feelings, some say it's a masterpiece and some say it's the worst Final Fantasy ever, so... What does /v/ have to say??
P.D. I know they are turn-based, I know what I'm encountering by playing these old and not so old RPG's I just want your opinion so I can avoid entering the FF franchise with a shit title

| FF VII was great, but hardly the best (or the worst).

It's a solid entry to start on. Moreover, it fits cyberpunk themes to a T.

| Gen Z, what is it?

I introduced myself into the FF series with spin-offs, they are the best of taking care of the series, I recommend doing so if you can. If you want the main series start from wherever you want except, II, III, V, VIII, IX and posteriors to X (maybe XV you'll like it) Also play these games when you have time, otherwise you may start leaving them on a side. All of them are unique on their own, if you play 1 of them don't expect the same of the others.

| >>549515 Gen Z refers to the generation born starting from the mid to late 90s, usually 1996 is the marker.

I'm actually gen Z myself, and I want to get into final fantasy. I've been a jrpg fan for years, and I want to explore that world more.

| FF7 is pretty overrated, and has aged really badly. It's not bad, it's just not the same game people gush over from when it was brand new.

IMO FF6 is a better story game, and FF5 has better gameplay, but different strokes for different folks.

| >>549447 Are you 18 yet?

| >>549572 oh so I'm gen Z as well lol. Yeah try FF I introduced into the mainline games (roman numbered) 2 years ago doing at the same time FF I and XV, loved both.

| >>549583
I mostly agree with this. But I don't think it's a bad game, it just hasn't aged that well.
Give the game a try OP and form your own opinion, it won't hurt.

| FFVI and III are the best in my opinion, but 7 is also really good

| My favorite is still IV but the only one that I've played and disliked was XIII
Still have to play II, V, XI, XII and XIV

| I personally liked FFVIII.

| I agree with the above statement.
FFVIII has some unique mechanics not found anywhere else.

| >>549797 I liked the boost function for summons, sure it was bs button mashing but it gave you something to do during those long animations

| >>549515 why do you suggest not starting with IX

also nice to see that more people can finally experience the 2nd to worst FF game

| >>549908

Seriously though, IX is probably the best one IMO.

| OP, here, thanks for your opinions /v/ I actually tried to enter FF the first time with VI but it didn't really captured me, so I was hesitant as to give another try with VII, also to those who suggested the spin-offs which one you recommend the most, I want to give a shot at World of Final Fantasy, because it cute af, but I don't know if it's good apart from the fan service for the fans

| >>549595 lol nope, 16

| >>550005
Best spin-off is obviously Final Fantasy Tactics.

| >>550027
I unironically love Tactics Advance

| Play IX

| >>549927 >>549908 I usually see people saying "FF ended from IX" I don't think it's true but so I would rather not take the risk.

| >>550005 Tactics is really good, also Crystal Chronicles games, the story and gameplay is unique. CC can only be played on DS or GC (they were porting the GC to Switch but I haven't hear anything new yet)
Dissidia is also really cool, you can meet all protagonists' backstories, the best of the best, the last one is free-to-play on Steam but I heard its bad...
WoFF haven't tried it, I'll play it later. Oh and the chocobo games, the mystery Dungeon one looks really cool.

| >>550777
I think, no, I'm SURE that they meant AFTER IX, but they're still wrong anyway, so whatever.

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