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I can't stand Street Fighter and I'm sorry about it

| Over the years I have played lot of fighting games that I loved like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros, Dragon Ball... I feel free in these games, If I think of something I can do it...I got to Tekken7, playing story you are forced to play as Akuma, a SF character who totally work out of Tekken rules, I haven't beat it yet. I don't consider myself a pro, I do have maximun rank on some characters but I can't Akuma even on easy mode...

| I tried SF2 and played like 10 min, I just felt pressing random buttons was the right choice even after checking the combo list (which to my surprise is really small) Then I tried U. Marvel Vs Capcom 3, didn't feel that bad with some Marvel characters and Zero, but couldn't do anything with other characters... Now I tried SF X Tekken, to my surprise all Tekken fighters were translated to SF, losed 90% of their combos and Yoshimitsu is totally a different. Feels horrible.

| Yeah, I guess sometimes 2D classic fighting games feel odd, but hey you just need to explore more, try Skullgirls, maybe Guilty Gear, and even Street Fighter it doesn't have to be V, IV and II are the best and most accessible iterations of Street Fighter, you can get the ultra latest version of Street Fighter II in Switch and Ultra Street Fighter IV shouldn't be that mad rare and/or expensive for a Xbox360

| >>549443 I originally mentioned Skullgirls and Guilty Gear, and even SNK and Killer Instint (the original) on my examples too but the messages where too long xD. The only Guilty Gear I didn't like was the DS one it was really weird xD.
I do have SF II on Switch but yeah haven't played that much, I could try and force myself a little in training mode.

| >>549432 To be honest, everyone just has styles they aren't into, even if they love the genre. I play a lot of jrpgs, especially turn based. I really have a lot of trouble getting into Bravely Default. And that's despite loving Octopath Traveler!

| Smash Bros isn't a fighting game.

| >>549690 it is, it is not a traditional arcade fighting game, it has many platformer mechanics
But it's a fighting game nonetheless, why wouldn't it be? What aspects of it stop it from being a fighting game?

| >>549690 I'm god in this thread Super Smash Bros is a fighting game, so is Jump Stars (2D) games lol.
Oh and Tekken 2's first person too.

| >>549573
Not to hijack the thread, but I think that's just because Bravely Default is awfully bland.

| I absolutely love Smash, and I find Tekken and Street Fighter really fun, but for some reason I don't like the gameplay in Mortal Kombat. It just feels bad for some reason. It's all a matter of preference.

| >>549940
Hot take here, butMortal Kombat as it is now is just...not great in general as a fighting game.

| >>549940 I feel like actual Mortal Kombat is so slow and heavy, feels like it had tank control and doesn't really make sense, I don't like it at all

| >>550002 what I like about Mortal Kombat is the dedicated block button, moving back to block feels counter intuitive to me

| >>550004
It does, but one convenient thing doesn't make up for all it's flaws in my opinion. It's still an ok game, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't feel nearly as good as other games.

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