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Finally, news on console Va-11 Hall-a!

| Coming to Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch on May 2nd! AND even with physical copies avaliable, limited edition versions even!

It's a bit later than promised, but still a welcome addition. Plus a physical copy of a game is always welcome for me when it comes to consoles.

| I would love a PC physical version of VA-11-HALL-A, guess they deem it to be too late for it

| It's times like this that I didn't want to live in Brazil
The physical copy won't go for less than R$300(around 78 US$)

| Hell yes, getting a Switch version. ^^

| I'm mad that fucking Limited Run is doing the physical copy again, why can't they just find a good publisher like they do in Asia where there's always physical copies available, heck even the Asian physical versions are prettier...

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This thread is permanently archived