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Seconfld person shooters

| Or any other genre, would it be possible to have a second person perspective while playing?

| From the perspective of the person being shoot? That would be a pain to control...

| Yes. Ive actually theorized a few games that would capitalize in it as an idea. It wouldnt work well for any kind of competitive multiplayer, or any fast-action game very easily. But yes, it is possible, with a few variations of how, for slower story or puzzle focused games. Also many stategy games could "technically" be considered 2nd person.

| Does Screencheat count? You kinda have to utilize the second person view there.

| A shooter would pretty much fail, maps should be really small, tank movement is already annoying in first person/third person but it's literally the only possible way to move. But camera it's pretty much screwed.
On the other hand, I think I have seen a game. You have to hide in a time limit, when it's finish your camera is set on the one who hunts, you can still move from his perspective. I know it wasn't gmod but can't remember what it was or if it is real

| Old school resident evil is probably the closest to this

| Can the experiment and république be considered as second person?

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This thread is permanently archived