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Roblox Is Good Shit

| Roblox Highschool 2 is the shit dude!

| For gay fags like you it is

| >>548929 don't say that, you're going to offend the tranny niggers

| Honestly roblox is okay in emergencies where you can't access better games and need knockoffs made by 14 year-olds to stay sane. It's okay.

| >>548929
Yes. It is.

| There is a lot of well made and fun games in Roblox, me and my friend still have loads of fun playing games like Phantom forces or murder mystery

| I hate how has it become, when I tried it like 5-6 years ago all I saw was Pay-to-play, pay-to-be-something, pay-to-look-alittle better, pay-to-join-a-server, you-are-banned-because-lols.

So now I don't even bother trying because in the past was the shit for me, and in my mind it will always ben even if I know people like it, I'm sorry.

| >>549096
There's a lot of shit like that. Not really pay-to-play as you put it, but there's a lot of pay to look good and pay to get really high level shit.

| Used to play roblox since 2009, it went downhill pretty quick.

i wish the roblox death sound was never a meme, it became way too big everyone says "OOF" to almost everything

| all of the charm roblox used to have is all but gone, all sense of direction is a mess

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This thread is permanently archived