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Do people still play games on arcade ?

| We are not counting Japan, South Korea or southeast Asia.

| But I live in southeast asia so I guess that doesn't count.

| Yes

(sorry for the reverse order. Captcha fucked me up)

| I want but the only arcade nearby is too expensive

| There's a small one near me that opened up, so I'd say yes.

| I dont play on arcade machines but i play arcade games i have about 300 of them archived in a CD/DVD called mame 32.You can do the same thing and buy a arcade like controller so u get the full experience. Its quite nice actually and i am thinking of copying them in a more modern and appropriate version.

| People still play arcade in Russia. For example, in Saint Petersburg, there are several arcade game places. People play arcade games like TMNT, Metal Slug, MK II, Pac-Man etc.

| We don't have arcades :((

| Google jablinsky games. Arcades are alive and well

| >>549001 OCTAGON

| We don't have any arcades anywhere close.

| Yeah, a friend runs local tournaments on oldschool arcade games.

| Here on Argentina you can still find some places with arcades. Some of them about to break, and little to choose from, but hey, if you want Daytona, we got it.

| When I was a kid there was a computer local thing where you would pay 1€ for 1 hour for checking stuff on Internet or playing like thousand of games like CS 1.6 (sometimes groups of teens came and it was fun lol), GTA San Andreas, Sonic Heroes, a MMO Touhou-like game and a hell lot more. I loved that placed until I got my own laptop to play Star Wars Battlefront 2 and more GTA SA (lol). By 2009 they closed. That's the most arcade feeling I have found ever.

| A lot of people around here are using raspberry pis to make arcade machines. Some of them are very creative with the design.

| Honestly I miss going to arcades. There isn't really a good one around me. There is an amusement park by the beach near me with a few arcade machines, but it's not really the same.

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This thread is permanently archived