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| Need unique recommendations

| Good MMORPG? Hah. There exists no such thing.

| WoW

| >>548220



| While its pretty dated by today's standards, Phantasy Star online is one of my favorites. The original servers have been down for years but there are quite a few fan servers for both the console releases and pc port. I would go with the ephinea servers. Its the most vanilla experience while still adding small improvements to the game.

| Definitely not Toram Online.

| Just play gacha games already

| Mabinogi seems to be unique, though dated. And there's also Runescape which is considered unique and popular though the community can be a mess.

For popular ones (not unique) i'd say Elder Scrolls Online (B2P), Final Fantasy XIV (SUB), Guild Wars 2 (F2P with expansions)

| Ffxiv is pretty fun if you dont mind monthly sub

| Ive been playing Star Wars:The Old Republic for years. The fact that it has 8 unique class stories and 2 faction stories make it worth replaying the vanilla content (which is free to play btw). The game is also super solo friendly and the game is essentially Kotor 3

| >>c87209
So where do I start?

| Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst
It has prĂ­vate servers (Ultima or Ephynea, I prefer Ultima but I think you should use Ephynea)

| Unique? I'd say wakfu then, plays like a srpg (disgaea, final fantasy tactics etc) also has a quite charming art style and humor of you are into that.

Cons: while it is F2P you definitly want some pay features such as playing multiple chars at once. De pending on region/server there are not a lot of players. Major timesink.

| Is Elder Scrolls Online any good? I got it on sale and got the Morrowind expansion bundled for free.

| >>548810 It's really good, but don't expect to be able to do everything as you could do on Skyrim, DLCs makes it even better (I suggest Dark Brotherhood as it adds a very useful skill that allows you to 1 killhuman npcs from behind)

| The issue with MMOs is that they for about a decade now all the big (excluding Runescape? Never played) ones like WoW, FF14 & ESO no longer have that community aspect. The LFG system killed all forms of social interaction. Quests are no longer designed for groups in mind. Even the public dungeons & world "bosses" in ESO are soloable. Not only that but cross server interaction kills any sense of even having a server community. I just want to socialize to get my groups going.

| I actually got kicked from my FC in FF14 last month for wanting to talk and befriend new people naturally in dungeons and quests instead of farming glamour and mounts.

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Yikes. Dodged a bullet by being kicked. Seems like ff14 has a pretty toxic community despite how often the players claim it's great.

| Star Trek Online is still really fun imho.

The space combat is really Good, there's a lot of content and it isn't very hard to get a top tier ship. It suffers from the usual f2p no problems, but it offers a lot of fanservice for star trek fans.

| >>548971 or he was in a fc of tryhards
It's not hard to join one with the casual tag and just get to hang out
Logical leap like that sounds more like you already have a bias and are attempting to validate it lol

| FFXIV has a split player base, as most MMOs do these days. In fact, most servers even have servers aimed torward one or the other. You have RP servers and you have raiding servers. Certain servers/worlds/clans have didferwnt priorities. Some want to chat and have a fun time socializing, others want to grind up and take down impossible enemies quickly. Its a varied world, and they have to try and cater to a mixed player base. Research the server and clan before you join.

| You're not getting anything unique from me, but I can vouch for Final Fantasy XIV easily being the best one out there.

By the way, does someone know if fuckinnnnnnnng Ragnarok Online is still around?

| >>549141 Ragnarok Online, that's some really good old school shit.
I don't know if there's any official server left.

| >>548709 why not PS Portable 2? Or PS Zero? Well they are console games but as an offline experience I prefer them to PSO, and back in the day when they had servers I did prefer them too lol.
Does it have an unoficial patch to run instantly and not having to walk whenever you start moving?

| FFXIV was the MMO that roped me in.

If you want something really unique, wakfu is one.

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