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Games that let you choose between LOT of music tracks

| I was wondering how many games are out there that have enough track amount to let the player anytime choose a music track. Metropolis Street Racing is the one I think did it the best, you can change music while playing, while, followed by GTA sandbox style games (usually having lot of good music, and another portion you'll never hear but others aprecciate) and Super Smash Bros which have the biggest amounts (even though half are just remixes of tracks already in the game)

| Crypt of the Necrodancer allows you to convert songs into the level tracks.

| Audiosurf

| Was going to mention Crypt of the Necrodancer, but since it has been done...

Technically just two soundtracks to choose, but I would like to mention Sonic CD, since each zone has 4 versions, each with a different remix of the zone theme, giving us a total of 7 themes per zones, since Japan and USA share the past. With 7 zones, that's 49 themes.

| Osu!

| I think there was Hatsune Miku: Project Diva game, which had a creator where you could use your own songs

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You read my mind, G/u/rl.

| Final fantasy xv?

| The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games.
Wipeout HD lets you import your own music from your PS3.

| Tbh alot of the time I will just listen to my own music if I'm playing a multiplayer game or if I'm playing a game Ive played before (or if I'm grinding in a game) but usually when experiencing a game for the first time I will listen to the game music

| The music for FTL is good and varied, but you can't choose which songs to play. They all suit the mood well though.
>left pen tolls

| Let it die has a long track list. You can't choose what you want though.

| Also, lots of Trackmania servers allow you to choose music on a jukebox or alternatively you can just switch it off and roll your own music in the background.

| Beatsaber. Exercise + Game + Better community than osu + it spyware

| Vib-ribbon. It's a rhythm game from PS1 days, where not only is there music on it already, you can insert any audio CD and play levels generated from the track, because the entire game runs from memory. I think the premise is very interesting. Haven't played it though, so I have no clue how well it's executed, but I've heard it's pretty decent.


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i've never tried it, but does wipeout let you play the zone levels with custom music? it would be pretty cool with the colors and all that stuff tbh

| >>547903 Sonic Mania has the same amount lol, funny fact Undertale has over 90 tracks.
The only game from Sonic that fits in this thread is Sonic Generations, it's a same 3DS remixes aren't available on PC version

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I can confirm that it works with music loaded onto your PS3/4.

Pretty fun to listen too the older WipEout Soundtracks playing.

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