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N1RV Ann-A

| I just discovered there'll be a new game from the series of va-11 hall-a

I'm hyped!

| Really looking forward to how it's gonna be. I guess I'm aboard the hype train too.

| I just wish Sukeban Games show a lil bit more of it:(

| https://youtu.be/obARTUeuO2Q?t=7230

They showed a demo during the Tokyo Game Show 2018. Good for you if you can read japanese.

>Still waiting for devlog 3.

| Will post some of the text here. If someone wants, do a better translation.
Some letters are wrong. Too lazy to fix everything.


セイント ・アリシア。

Saint Alicia.
Raw sea bream of raw fish
Mane Island in the Caribbean.

| グリツチシティに続いて、
領地と して遭られた。

Following Glitch City,
Saint Alicia is also run by big companies and their conglomerates
You can run freely without being tied up

| さわゃヵゝなビーチと鱒麗な雪山、 遊團地に

繁鞘。 セイント ・ アリシァ島ほゼロから
榎上の観光地と して遭り上げられた。
何でも手に入る場所と して知られる。

If it is a beach and a beautiful snow mountain, it will be a play ground

Many times. From Saint Alicia near Zero
It was found as a tourist destination on the boat.
If you get on a boat, you want something within purchase
It is known as a place to get anything.

| その中でも目立つのは、 最高繊のサ一ビスと
世界トップレベルのスタッフで知られるイグニス ・ リゾー ト地。
その星上にぁるのは、 コード番幕 「N1-RV 」の
通称、 「Nirvana」 (二ルヴァーナ) 。

Among them, the outstanding service and the service
Ignis Resort is known for being the world's top staff.
On the star is the code banner "N1-RV"
BTC certified annex A ...
Commonly known as "Nirvana" (ni Ruvana).

| >Going to drink tea, will continue later.

| >Ah... Mango tea for the animu translator

| 富裕層も惹かれるほど髙緻でぁりつつ、
それ故、 ニルヴァ一ナには樓々な地位の人々が集まる。

While being rich enough to attract rich people,
Even forked people are not out of reach.
Therefore, N1RV Ann-A gathers people from various status.

| これは、 そんな地上の楽團に
遊びに訪ねる人々 と、

This is the kind of ease on earth
With people who visit to play,
And as the paradise functions as it has been enthusiasm
It is a story of people who strike.

| > Alright, that's the intro. Barely readable, but one can get the basic idea of what it's meant to say.

| Thanks Mr. Translator

Am I the only one disappointed that the cursor is the regular windows one?

| I am actually disappointed that they are just going to make it a series. I was expecting something fresh and new, not another VA-11 HALL-A with different characters.

| >>732533 they do have another project in the works at the moment but no big details about it. And N1rvanna isn't just like a Va11halla 2.0, it' just another visual novel that's in the format of Va11halla, with completely differently mechanics bring introduced, along with some old ones I assume.

| Translator here. I'm fine with another bar game. Might be the last one, at least for a while, considering that they have to improve the formula and create about 15 new character.

The only way I can see the bartender series coming back after N1RV is with a game focused with someone else's point of view. A Gilliam/Alma game could fit easily, considering the things they did offscreen.

>Like fucking. Pretty sure Dana lied.

News of shark teeth lady and Next Game would be nice too.

| >>565457
>it' just another visual novel that's in the format of Va11halla

Exactly why I'm disappointed

| >>538305 Megaman 1 was released in 1987. Then, Megaman 2, it's sequel, was released in 1988. It was another plataformer, in the format of the first one, but with improvements. All the kids were disappointed.

| >>538305
This is exactly why I'm looking forward to it myself. VA11 Hall-A wasn't good because it had innovative fun gameplay, it was good because it had a great world and story.

We already know the platform they've made works well for the kind of story they're telling, so I'm really glad they aren't trying to be who they aren't and make an rpg or puzzle game or something.

| >>538319 >>538336
Megaman is a platformer game and we're talking about story driven games here. Anyway, the problem is exactly in this: N1RV Ann-A is not a sequel, it's a game with the same idea, setting (a spin-off, I guess). And why I think it doesn't work is because it's bartending again. In the same universe. They didn't bother to have a new approach and I'm afaraid as a result it will feel a lot like VA11 Hall-A and not like something fresh and new.

| >>538643 Said Megaman because it was the first thing that came to mind. There should be plenty of examples out there.

Did Romancing SaGa disappoint people because Final Fantasy was made before it? Heck, some Megaman games have plenty of story, like the Battle Network series.

| >>538685 the battle network series are the best thing to ever happen in this world

| >>538643 I'm not necessarily looking for something fresh and new with N1RV ANN-A. This suits me just fine. All I want is a comfy story where I get to talk to various people about their lives. Of course, I understand fearing it might get stale, but this is only the second instalment to the series. Of course, there's Coffee Talk and The Red Strings Club, but eh. But that's not to say there won't be any innovation.

| There's probably going to be a subtle thing that will be a background theme to the game which we won't notice but makes the game wholly different, like how Jill needs to pay her rent. And they'll probably add in a couple of side games like Model Warrior Julianne for when you want a break from the story. My only fear is whether or not the characters retain their charm, especially the protag.

| ~cont
Because in this new game, it seems her face is all over the place, even when she's mixing drinks (that has the bonus of me being able to observe Sukeban-style boob physics though), whereas Jill's face was rarely seen, and even when seen rarely had emotions, until the point where she sat in Alma's seat. We're looking at her and listening to her for real for the first time. It was like a reverse fourth wall break, in that we finally see character, rather than they see us.

| It was really brilliant and that moment has stuck with me for a long time. But all of that aside, if you're afraid kinetic novel-esque games or story-focused games in general aren't your thing, another game of theirs are also in the makes which seems to be wholly different, at least visually, what with the 3D pixel graphics.

| I mean, if you really do want something totally different, Tres Alicias seems to be verrrry different.

| >>539099 I didn't say anything about being afraid of them. I love story-driven games a lot.

| >>539097 since we are dealing with yakuza, why not japanese card games (in motorcycles!)? The term comes from those.

| Yakuza in Panama? Sukeban probably used that term instead because they're absolute weebos.

| >>539389 What stops a cyberpunk yakuza from cyberpunk traveling from cyberpunk Japan to cyberpunk Panama?

| It may sound silly, but since Saint Alicia is an artificial island in Panama... What if they made a second Panama canal, thus creating an "artificial island" where Panama used to be?

| Can't wait to play the game but what I am looking for are the easter eggs in the files. I hope there are going to be lots of screens of that 3D game they are working on that you can find in Va-11 Hall-A files and Va-11 Kids

| >>539786 >>539788 wait guys ain't Japan also underwater? Tokyo most certainly is, but as we see in GC some parts of culture are still alive, like anime or things like kotatsu still being produced
Also, there was italian mafia in America (or maybe still) is, doesn't make it less italian, same with yakuza in Panama

| >>540100 Interesting thought. Maybe the reason the world seemed like it weebed up is because thanks to rising sea levels, land expansion in Japan has become increasingly difficult, and as such the Japanese were displaced and dispersed to a variety of countries, spreading both the goods and bads of their culture.

| >>540104 yeah
Maybe it got assimilated with worldwide culture and just kinda stopped being a japanese thing since the country is no more and most natives could be dead, old or 'heritage' bearers

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