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Tried to replay Va11 Hall-A

| Can't do it.

Its been a year now since I've played vallhalla and I remember adoring every second. Even now, the chatacters are just as well written as I remember. But I can't get into it. I can't quite put my finger on it and it bothers me because vallhalla really is a GOOD game. I dunno.

Anyone have any similar experiences?

| Yes and no. I replayed it recently and enjoyed it. But sometimes not enjoying a game you love could also be from personal circumstances within your life (for example if you have been distracted by something as of late). It could also be your mindset going into the game.

| I replayed vallhalla recently to get all the achievements. Even when I was just going through the story, it felt a lot less enjoyable the second time through. What didn't change, however, was the atmosphere, which I enjoy more than the story anyways. I think a big reason why it's less engaging the second time is because the world's story is kinda passive and there's no way to really interact with it, only read about it, while Jill's story isn't all that special or interesting.

| The first time i played it. I did a total blind run in which i didnt even knew what the game was about. After i got the bad ending of course i let it sit for about a week. Next i did two more runs to see all secret staff and get all the achievements, which i did. I found this to be the most optimal way for me to enjoy the game.

| It's a fairly linear VN, those aren't really known for their replayability.

| Played twice, planning a third time, but with friends.

First was blind, got normal ending, second time, a year later, was also blind, got all the good endings (thanks Dorothy).

Then replayed some days for the secret characters (already knew the drink from ROM 2064, but had to read the wiki to know the purpose).

Now, knowing lots of trivia about the characters, and having explored most of the game, I want to play with someone and chat about it. But without guiding. Must be blind.

| >>536306 Aproach the game differently. Change completely the way you are going to play. Find a purpose to play before playing. That's my advice.

Not sure how this third time will be, but I think it will work out just fine. The game presents enough things to argue about.

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