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Fun action games with female main character?

| Wet, Drakengard 3, Bullet Witch... They might be rough around the edges, or even technically "bad" games in some ways, but I've been having a lot of fun with these games lately.
Any similar recommendations?
(I'm also currently playing the reboot Tomb Raider series and plan on trying Lollipop Chainsaw and Gunvalkyrie).

| Blood Rayne
Heavy Metal FAKK 2

| Bayonetta! Shantae

| Transistor and alien isolation. Danganronpa another episode if you're into dangonronpa. Beyond good and evil. Not many come to mind now that I think of it.

| Nier autómata?

| Cross code
Great game, I'm considering double dipping

| You seem to be seeking open-world type games. I'm no expert in that, but I'll try to contribute.
- Rabi-Ribi
- Momodora
- Freedom Planet
- Touhou
- Horizon Zero Dawn (open-world)

~miner colts about

| >>536516
dammit, you recommended touhou 10 min before I was gonna do it,
onto the the main question:

| Bayonettaaaaaaaaaaaa

| Beyond Good And Evil, maybe?

| Violated Heroine

| Dead or school

| Gravity rush

| VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

What? Not the kind of action girl you wanted?

PLAY CrossCode
PLAY Assault Android Cactus
PLAY Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls

| A Hat in Time?

| Iconoclasta

| Iconoclasts*

| Portal1/2?
Crypt of the necrodancer?

| Try Ib if you don't mind

| hyperdimention neptunia?

| OP here. I should have mentioned that I already have NieR Automata (which I loved) and both Bayonetta games.

Some people mentioned Freedom Planet (which I have) and Icey (which I plan to get), but I'm mainly wanting to play 3D games right now.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
A Hat in Time is high on my list, although it seems more like a platformer (but maybe similar to the N64 ones which I love).

| (continued)

Gravity Rush - I'm glad someone reminded me since I do plan on trying this.

A couple people mentioned CrossCode, but that's more of am RPG (although it's high on my buylist).

I've come across BloodRayne, but it's always looked a little rough as far as controls (moreso than Wet or Bullet Witch), but I'll check it out.
Never heard of Heavy Metal FAKK 2, so I'll check that out.

I also got Oneechanbara on PS4 which is silly, but it's kinda fun too.

| (continued again)

Oh, and I also already have Horizon Zero Dawn, just haven't started it since I wanna finish at least 2 other games I'm currently playing first.

| (continued yet again)

Heavy Metal FAKK is on My Abandonware, so I'll definitely try it out

I forgot about Portal 2. Never finished it since my 360 kept refusing to save my progress (although I think it was a bug in the game which got patched), but I recently rebought it on PS3, so I'll eventually restart it.

Thanks again for all the recs. I'll at least take a look at the games which weren't what I was asking for since many seem pretty cool regardless.

| Oxenfree, will: a wonferful world, edna&harvey 1 and 2, fatal twelve, the swapper, the lion's song (except ep.2), the cat lady, child of light, forgotten anne, gris, night in the woods
I just like story-based games, okay?

| (cont) i know these are not action mostly but why not

| Damn, I didn't realize that the physical release of Gravity Rush Remastered was such a limited run...

| Devil may cry 2?

| Bayonetta is great and the pc version is on sale

| You can legally download No-One Lives Forever 1 & 2 on nolfrevival.tk . They're first person games but there are lots cutscenes and dialoges. Also Cate Archer is hot!

| >>538136 You're welcome, OP. I particularly recommend the Momodora and Shantae series once you're done with open-world games.

| Sad no one mentioned Tomb Raider neither Metroid yet but Bayonetta gets mentioned for like 50% of posts
And as people are giving a fuck about the "action" genre, I'll say Final Fantasy and back to action Saints Row (custom character but it implements really well having a female main)

| Ion Maiden is good retro styled FPS that you try.

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