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Help me find this certain game

| Okay, it's a top-down monster hunting game just like Pokémon, but instead of catching the monsters using balls, you sort of defeat them using emotions (I guess). The monsters (or spirits, I don't know. My memory is hazy) are kind of made out of emotions too.

Pixel art gfx. Indie game. Played it on PC and mobile.

| Action or turn-based? Platform you played/watched it?

| Never mind didn't read last 6 words lol xD (anyhow if it were for example in a Sony console would be easy to find it because there aren't much games like Pokemon if any)
By your description is a hard one all I can think of its Rip-offs or DS games, I doubt these capture monster games I know from DS got ported to PC (like VNs do) and majority of the Rip-offs on mobile are 3D

| OP here. It's turn-based. I played it on Android. It's not really a monster capture game, it just "feels" like it since (if I remember correctly) you try to learn what the monster feels and you use the monster's emotion to tame the it, acquiring the said emotion.

I don't know if this'll help.
The game has 3 "episodes" in it, the first one is free and last two, can be played by IAP.

| >to tame the it
*to tame it

| Do you still have the same phone you are using right now? Maybe you can check the apps you have installed in the past on the App Store (the last tab where you update apps)

| If you use the same account for the play store as your last phone, it'll show you all your previously installed apps.

| OP here again. Sadly, I don't. That's actually the first thing that came to my mind when I remembered I played such a game and wanted to play it again.

| Do you still have access to your last account?

| >>536360 Yes.
I tried to look for the name of game in the previously installed apps tab on Google Play but its not there. I probably deleted it, since I have a habit of clearing history on my account. Stupid, I know. -OP

| Wasn't it Undertale?

| It sounds like undertale

| Is it Monster Rancher?

| How long ago have you played it? If not too long you can search it up in the app store in the "Downloaded" game section or smnth like that

| How is the color palette? Brighter? Darker?
The sprites are Standard "rpg maker"-y or closer to hand drawn?
The battles have a detailed background or just black?
Can you remember the name of a character?
Did it have any special gimmick?(like some minigame to escape enemy attacks or something like that)
Does it have light novel sections or just dialog boxes?
Can you think of any logo or landmark in the game that may stand out?
Sorry for asking so many questions

| >>536485 It's not Undertale, haha. You can't play Undertale on your phone, can you?
>>536506 It sure does but like I said, it's sort of a monster capture game.
>>536513 Nope.
>>536534 Maybe late 2016 or early 2017? About that, see>>536481

>>536582 The image from my memory isn't going to be reliable but I'll try to recall. (1)

| >>536582
The color pallete changes according to the place/setting/level. The first few levels/tutorial is like a dungeon so its a mix of violets, blues, and greys.

The sprites look like they're hand-drawn. The game maker has a blog where they show their artworks and updates about the game.

The battle screen, if I recall correctly, is detailed, and also changes according to the place/setting/level. (2)

| >>536582 If my memory serves me right. You get to name your character
Gimmicks? I don't really remember. It has some sort of puzzle element in it tho, iirc.

I don't know if it has a light novel sequence to it, I haven't really finished the game. I drew the game screen when you bump into an npc here https://i.postimg.cc/jS2d4zTb/game-screen.png (3)

| >>536582 I can't remember the logo though, sorry. The title of the game has 6-8 letters in it, and starts with the letter T or A (TA, AT) or maybe the letter A and T is somewhere in the title, if that helps.

Still working on finding it. I'll update you if I find it. TIA (4)

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