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Megaman Mega-thread

| I kind of want a Megaman Z3 romhack which changes Omega's sprites with MMX Zero's sprites. I know Zero could have been upgraded to look like that in his lifetime, but it feels kinda weird to call it the original body if it does not look like what you are used to see.

Not a fan of the changes made to the battle system in Starforce. Liked the old side view more. I know there is a BN6 romhack which adds SF sprites, but had crazy difficulty.

MMV for Gameboy is best Classic Megaman.

| I miss Mega Man Legends. I'll never be not salty at capcom for cancelling MML3. It could have so easily been the killer app during the early days of the 3ds but nope, corporate vendettas come first I guess.


| 20XX must be mentioned here

| When adding mega-thread in the title doesn't automatically result in a mega-thread


...and i am sad

| I really liked the second battle against buster rod g in wily wars. The floor falls and you have to constantly gain height while avoiding his attacks.

Once killed quickman with the buster. Fuck quickman.

| >>536032 Heck. I really liked Wily Wars. Basically, you can choose anything from your MM1-3 arsenal.

| What ever happened to that one Battle Network fangame that looked decently far along at the time

| >>536063 Chrono X? Played one update from last year, but I haven't checked it in a while.

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This thread is permanently archived