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| Predictions? Hopes? Dreams? Who's best starter though?

| Where does the parliament of the United Kingdom and it's 1431 seats fit into all of this? What about the overseas territories? What about that time they drank so much tea that they ended up fucking the economy so bad that they had to drug China? What about that very long war they had with the french? So many things, none of them particulary welsh, scottish or irish. Except the parliament, to some extent.

| I hope they get into the scot/english relations HARD

| I hope the girl kisses another girl!!!!!!!!!!

| What a coincidence, thats my fetish.

| There is some rumor about Armored Evolutions floating around. With some of the pokemon qualifying being Mewtwo, Charizard, Flygon, and Zeraora.

Honestly it sounds odd to me. Especially since Mewtwo and Charizard have megas already. But Flygon was a favorite that people wanted megas and they have started to give Evolutions to mythical pokemon.

Also apparently a trademark was found placed by Nintendo for an "armored Mewtwo." Many things for pokemon are leaked through trademarks.

| >>535578 >>535596 https://youtu.be/5bzK4ZFAB-w

| Yeah because Armored Mewtwo is anything new right?

| >>535858 not Chrono Stones again please

| Can't wait until there's hentai doujins where the female protagonist whores her body out after losing a battle.

| >>535953
You living in the 90s while we are waiting for mods that actually do this.

| Everyone loves Sobble so much, it looks just like a mistake

| >>536077
Sobble just has the most potential to actually become good in later evolutions. Grookey is just a monkey, and that doesn't usually turn out well, and Scorbunny might end up a Fire/Fighting, or just end up looking like a soccer team mascot (already kinda does tbh). So Team Sobble it is.

| My favorite starter is wondertrade.
Jokes aside, by looking everyone has potential, and evolutions are imposible to deduce, if you only knew Charmander you would hardly know he would end up having wings and not being just like a giant salamander lol (a Dodongo if so xD). Same happened with Litten everyone expected a magestic tiger.

| >>536202 Why have a majestic tiger when you can have Tony the Tiger?

Also I hear many theories of Scorbunny being Fire/Electric or Fire/Steel.

| >>536201 How does Sobble have potential, he's just gonna end up being some huge crying dragon or something

The fact that he's sad just turns me off

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