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| Brown Dust just got released globally recently and i'd recommend you to play it if you like strategy, but don't expect it to be something like Fire Emblem.

Anyone who is starting now will get two free random *5 gifts and 32 recruit tickets at total (42 in the european server) and rerolling is highly recommnded since it will give you a huge headstart on the game, i'd recommend rerolling until you either get seir + lillian (or foxxy) or 5 *5 units.

| Or, one could avoid playing this skinner box shit.
Every game is a skinner box, but these things are designed to get money out of you. They give you just enough rolls and tickets to let the habit set in, and then they make the game increasingly harder (sometimes its a curve sometimes its a fucking cliff) to make you pay.
You paid? Good news, the next patch will bring more goodies that require impossible odds to give you the pixels you covet so much.

The winning move is not to play

| PS: am a mobile game dev who gets paid to make these "games".
Some people hundreds of thousands on impossible rolls, and sometimes I want to send them a "please get some help" message.
I hope that none of my g/u/rls are like that.

| Ive found FGO enjoyable outside of skinnerbox mechanics. Been playing it over a year, havent spent a cent either. I'm not against spending money on it, but I just havent felt the need to do so. I enjoy the story scenarios, and as long as you dont "need" to get certain characters, the rolls aren't bad. Girls Frontline is a bit more skinnerboxy, but optimizing playthroughs of levels is fun. But otherwise, yeah. Gacha games are often skinner plagues. I'll look into Brown Dust though.

| >>535444 I like collecting waifus though. And it can be fun if there's strategic involvement beyond opposing elements and player interaction beyond skill tapping.

| I've not spent a dime on gachas (yet), so no worries.

So far, I've highly enjoyed Azur Lane, Grand Chase (the new one), and Goddess Kiss. I've seen a gacha or two that has turn-based RPG elements, but I never got around to them.

~Chad snuff virgo (okay Chad calm down)

| The problem with gacha games is less the pay to play than the power creep the pay to play results in. Eventually you just get to the point where you can download the game and get guaranteed pulls on the best units within a month, like Crash Fever.

| Fuck gacha and the skinnerbox peddling bugmen

| Gacha is good as long as you enjoy yourself and don't spend all your money on it. Also, if you don't get what you wanted, just think that at least you paid the devs and helped the game you like to live longer.

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