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Honkai impact 3rd players?

| Anyone plays honkai impact 3?

Just chilling...

| I started fairly recently, and it's the only game I really play on my phone. It takes a good amount of time to complete the dailies and events, but the graphics and gameplay are definitely worth it.

What server are you btw (I'm SEA)?

| I was in a good clan about 50 lvl but i got bored. It was a nice game
and definitely not a pay to win one.

| I'm still playing it
Not really
Only going to mission at base, send my valkary then left
Not really interestied playing the REAL game because the combat was boring and i'm really lazy to do anything.
LVL 61 and all my valk are either have bad weapon, stat not upgraded, still rank B (that milf i never used because her attack slow and don't do much), low level and outdate by the newer valk.
Missing every event so i was thinking to quit.

| Op here. I play everyday in America's server, the game has been updated recently with lots of content, events, login rewards. I pre registered when the game was launched and still playing

| >>69dcc0 Did you just call Himeko a milf bruh?

| >>535427 Are you gonna try pulling for VK and UR?

| (welp I replied to my own comment; I meant it for OP)

| >>a3b38c
i don't know her name
Because i always ignore her.
And don't play much

| >>535428 I already have vermilion knight on my first pull :)

| >>535460 Murata himeko, and her new awakened vermilion knight is very op

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This thread is permanently archived