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| So since the website got curbed, is there some way I can still download from the site, at all? As a speedrunner, I need the Japanese copy of SM64, as the text bubbles have less characters in them.

| There was a way; a workaround script that gives you a second download link below the original link. But last time I check it it was no longer functional. Idk if it was broken for that particular rom, or it's just perma broken.

| >>535232

It seems to be on and off.

| https://www.reddit.com/r/Piracy/comments/968sm6/a_script_for_easy_downloading_of_emuparadise_roms/

| Search "The Eye", it has tons of stuff

| Seconding The Eye. Its basically the last legit beacon since a number of the other surviving site got iffy

| Look for the lair

| Can i get a link for the eye>>941cca >>9193e9

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This thread is permanently archived