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A cold, dark, and very gentle place


| Ahhhh, this feels nice -,- .... Wait? Where am I?! God my head, it feels.. nice.. yet... Pretty hurt. Huuurgh

| Can anyone recommend me a cold, dark and gentle place? I dont know any myself.

| That thing, give it here.

| >>534979 *gives thing*

| >>534964
The fallen kingdom of Hallownest sounds like it might be right up your alley then.

| This is /v/ not an rp thread >>534946 if your looking for desolate atmoshperes, try Killer7.

| I keep peering over this post, and I still wonder what the post author had intended for this.

| Cemeteries are gentle at night.

| >>535080
It may never be revealed, or it may. None of us know. All we know is that this thread exists, and so do we.

| Hey you. You're finally awake. Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there.

| Isnt that literally just a line from ashes of ariandel?

| It comes from a game where you can die from a wheelcart, and get flung out-of-bounds by a giant.

| >>535158 hey someone recognized it

| >>534979 that was another hint

I just played the dlcs and thought the lines were memeable

| Ahhh fuck

I played that and I fogot what the bugmen say.

| >>535054 Ah, Hollow Knight. Loved the atmosphere there. Any other games with similar atmospheres?

| >>535236
Other than the Souls games, no, not really. Salt and Sanctuary kiiinda comes close, but it's a lot more simplistic and...edgy? The art style isn't doing it any favours, either. But it's still pretty good though.

| Good evening

| It's kinda hard to find decent dark games, there's always Souls stuff and indies that try to replicate the feel of souls, but nothing comes to mind honestly

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