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Videogames for girlfriend

| Well, I'm a hardcore gamer. I pretty often talks to my girlfriend about videogames, and she seems to become interested. She asked me - what game should I play for start? And I realized that I have no idea. Because, you know, it is a serius question, if I will mess up here, we could lose a new girl-gamer, and girl-gamers are endangered species.

| So, any suggestions? She really enjoys Don't starve on her phone and played a lot pokemon go, when it was popular. But, as we know, mobile gaming is not gaming.

I also taught he to play heroes 3, but I think she's not geek enough (at least yet) to play it single player. Also, need to consider that she have pretty old laptop, so please recommend games with low system requirements. But I can let her play at my pc, when she comes to my place

| Problem is - I started to play when I was about 6. And in childhood you don't really care about what to play like when you're an adult. I thought about Fable - it's a good game, gem of its generation. But yesterday, when I installed it, I was unpleasantly surprised by horrible face (especially mouth) animation. And story is not that good. That game has beautiful world and ibcredible variability for its times, but you have to play long enough to appreciate it

| Don't Starve Together and Stardew Valley are great for couples to play together. I also have success introducing non-gamers to TowerFall.

Celeste has an assist mode to help people who aren't experienced with hard games.

If she likes cute fun story-based RPG, Heartbeat is nice.

| The Divinity: Original Sin games are perfect for couples playing together.

| The Lego games are always a great option. People have issue with moving in a 3d space in games but these games are mostly about moving to the right, it's good to get her used to it and it has co-op. Pick a franchise she likes like Harry Potter or LotR and you're set! Rayman Origins/Legends is also great for couples, you can play it at your own pace or rush through it.

I also recommend stuff like old point and click adventures or interactive movie stuff.

| >>532970 Play terraria with her. It's a fun coop game like minecraft focused on survival but I'd argue it's way better because it's in 2d

| >>533029
This, 100 times this. Although might not run well on an old laptop, so keep that in mind. Maybe only play it at your place with split-screen or something.

| Once had a similar situation, except that she is not my girlfriend. She had almost no experience with games, and doesn't like blood.

We played OneShot, because it relied on brains instead of brawn. Could use it as an example of why I think games are art. Since she went for the ending I didn't choose, we could exchange our reasons.

The only thing I kind of regret is that I made sure she didn't close the game without saving. She had to sleep in my bed because it was 3AM.

Niko cute

| try FTL if she likes space themes

| Just out of the top of my head - red strings club, sunless sea, to the moon, finding paradise, gods will be watching. All are great and not graphically demanding games.

| >>533208 yeah play FTL if you want your gf to get ganked by space pirates

| If your girlfriend is interested in RPG horror, she can try out Ib to start. Vgperson has a lot of free RPG horror games that are translated in English. Fausts Alptraum is another good RPG horror game, but it can only be downloaded through Steam.

| dark souls 2

| >>79d247 IB is a good choice one of my favorite games

| Some single player games
The Witness if she like puzzle
Titan Souls if she like challenge
Slime Rancher if she like farms and pets
All beautiful and easy to play (but not easy to finish)

| Maybe some Subnautica will do (say that point of game is exploring world, any more information will ruine atmosphere)

| Puzzle games. You can't go wrong with them. Start with some falling block or match three puzzles like Tetris or Bejeweled. Then you can move to some puzzle games with competitive modes like Puyo Puyo or Magical Drop.

| >>533991
I would recommend trine and it's sequel as a good coop entry point as it does not require all that time sensitive move coordination but still have a good time while learning to navigate a 2D enviroment


| real hardcore gaymers play Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta)

| Hob

| >>534156
>Shooting while logged in

| >>534261 shitposting auto correct is going to make me hang myself I swear to fuck

| Shovel Knight is the best platformer ever made with incredible design and easy to learn controls. It'll give her a challenge, but it's so rewarding too.
Shovel Knight is actually the game that thought be how satisfying it is to overcome obstacles in games, since I had only really played Minecraft before.
It also has some amazing replay value and multiple campaigns.

Stardew Valley is incredible too, and doesn't require any skill at all to be enjoyed. It also has multiplayer now.

| minecraft ofc.

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Minecraft was good times man.

| >>534295
I couldn't for the love of me get into Shovel Knight. The control is frustrating. And I'm no fan of the retro artsyle (even tho it IS good).

Just, uhh, throwing this out here. It's ok to not like it.

| Castle Crashers

| >>534380
I agree that it's completely ok to dislike it, and especially if the platformers you're used to have extremely fluid controls like Super Meat Boy, it would definitely take some time to get used to the controls of Shovel Knight, due to them be extremely different than something like that.

If it's someone's first real platformer though I don't think that would be a problem. I may be biased though, as someone who has bought it multiple times and love everything about it.

| I liked to say minecraft the online experience is worst than before. If she enjoy DST try some terraria. Also games like overwatch are liked by new ppl.

| If she's interested in something simple but with action, One Finger Death Punch. Still one of my favorite games to this day.

| As a girl, I can say I started to get interressed by video games with zelda twilight princess on wii, but I was already playing some games before so I'm not sure.

| I'd suggest 1bitheart or the spinoff 1beatheart if she likes deductive games and reading alot but its overall really cute a funny during certain scenarios and you'll enjoy the story and different endings. And how to get the different endings depends on how many friends you make.

| Tell her to play Hollow Knight. It's difficult at first, but if she sticks with it I'm sure it'll become one of her favorites.?

| So how's your girlfriend doing, OP? Is she currently enjoying any of the suggested games?

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If she's new to gaming then yes. Don't start with Hollow Knight. It's an incredible game, but it's not beginner friendly at all.

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