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In need of a good Ost

| Title. Good ost, good remixes (if so) or just good originals. Don't say Masafumi Takada or Hideki Naganuma, I can't pretend living with their art all life.

| Transistor has a fantastic soundtrack.

| Splatoon

| NieR, Drakengard 3, and NieR: Automata.

I know it's obvious but somebody gotta say it!

| Conception 2,
Ape escape 3,
Mad world,
Dunk Dreams,
Dodonpachi dai ou jou,
The world ends with you,
Shauntae half genie hero,
Mighty switch force,
Crypt of the necromancer,
Nier automata,
Any devil may cry game [kind of cheesy though]
Metal gear revengeance [also cheesy but good in its own way]

I could list a lot more but here's just some-!

| Shovel Knight

| Dragalia lost

| All of the Halo games

| I see Transistor mentioned above, but not Bastion. And that's a shame.

Uhhh, other than that, remind me to get back to it when I get home, can't reliably recall every game I'd want to mention here without my PC.

| Rebel galaxy is good

| vip.swf could be helpful

| Celeste

| I really enjoyed To the Moon soundtrack but probably because of the story, not the music itself.

| Mother 3

| Hotline Miami games and Stardew Valley.

| Xenoblade Chronicles X too. That soundtrack is ridiculously epic, and is made by the same guy who did the AoT soundtrack.

Persona 5 is just the chillest thing too. Also surprisingly epic with some of the tracks.

| Crazy Bus for the Sega Genesis

| Hollow Knight
Ori and the blind forest
Hotline Miami 2
Shadow of the colossus
To the moon

| VA-11 Hall-A has a great music if you like cyberpunk theme

| Nier
Kiseki Series

| Other than what was already mentioned, a lot of the Atelier games have pretty upbeat and/or "happy" music if that's your thing.. But some of their boss themes are just beautiful. Always loved MARIA from Atelier Ayesha but I feel it has more impact from the delivery ingame.

Beyond that,
Vindictus has some great tracks.
Ragnarok Online is classic.
Fate Grand Order is solid imo with a couple misses.
Darkest Dungeon if you're feeling spme heavier instrumentals.

| Dark Souls 3 ost is pretty sweet

| Gravity rush 2

| Mirror's Edge, both games.
LocoRoco 2.
Forza Horizon 4 (specifically the Hospital Records radio songs- those were all made especially for the game afaik and someone managed to mix together Fred V and Grafix's utterly fabulous "Sunset" from the prologue)
OPUS: The Day We Found Earth
Killer Instinct 2013
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle/Eyes of Heaven
Titanfall (only the original)
Far Cry 4

| Just Cause 3 and 4 have excellent soundtracks as well, but none of the games aside from 2 have had any official soundtrack release so all there is out there are huge gamerips you need to mix yourself to recreate the specific track you want.

| Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team had a pretty good soundtrack.
Hotline Miami 1 and 2 has a nice soundtrack too.

| Lethal League (and blaze) despite Hideki making one of the tracks
>Funky beats so funky tho
But yea
Links to the a few of the tracks from Blaze:

| Anything from SNK

| Furi
Zero Escape
No More Heroes

| Payday 2 mah man, it has a shit ton with variation and you can also loop the music.

| >>530732

Le Castle Vania Payday EP- yes or no?!

| >>d99000
Heck yeah my fella cool dude, but that should have been added with the john wick update.

| not a game but "it follows" ost is awesome

| Super Paper Mario

| >>530920

The John Wick update should've added LED Spirals and John Wick Mode tbh but i ain't complaining, Infinite Ammo is a banger

| Crackdown 3 has a kickass soundtrack, and The Journey: Hunter Returns (FIFA 18's story mode) has a damn good soundtrack by Junkie XL if you like his work.

| No More Heroes, GRIP, & MotorStorm Apocalypse have great soundtracks

| Battle Garegga

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