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| So i downloaded Joint Pak 2 and it's been quite a fun experience
>Some fucking master ranked bandit sniper north of rookie village kills important characters like Tolik, Wolf and the Scouts
>Rush all the way to sniper
>Shoot at his head 9 times with a PMm
>Grab his OP VSS
>Realize that a bunch of sidequests are unavailable because of one single sniper

| Try out a call of pripyat mod called road to the north, or check out call call of Chernobyl

| Does Call of Chernobyl let you start and play the camlaign storylines for each of the games if you hit up the start locations or something, or is it all nothing but sandbox and repeatable storyless quests

Had wanted to replay S.T.A.L.K.E.R. alongside the new Metro but dunno what mod to cram in it since I'm told Lost Alpha ain't great

| >>6087a9 its a entirely different storyline, you aren't Strelok or any of the Mc's, you're just a random stalker.

Or you can just turn fof the story altogether and free roam.

You could also join this stalker discord in apart of

| Controller roams the day, hope that perks you up.

| I miss the utter trainwreck that was STALKERSOUP , it was hilariously fucked

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This thread is permanently archived