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Kingdom Hearts 3 opinions

| So thoughts on KH3 now that it's been out for a while? I haven't gotten too far into it, but I can't be the only one who finds it so weird that they're trying real hard to be... hip or modern?

Fucking dubstep intro, smartphones, selfies, social media loading screens with hashtags, etc. Combat's nice and the worlds are designed much better, but it's just so strange to me. Really wish they didn't try to imitate modern pop culture.

| What's worse is you know that these things won't age well, at all. Dubstep's already taken a backseat. Hashtags and selfies and whatever? Ohhhh man.

| I readt the title and came here wanting to talk about the plot but you didn't got too far! C'mon play the fgame! Or else we can't even talk about how weird x world was or why it is so modern-based (marketingwise Kingdom Hearts always went for the popular target the moment, KH1 was appealing for kids, KH2 was a little more edgier (teenie-like) and KH3 it's apparently for nostalfag-hipsters?)

| KH represents too the style of Square Enix itself, they started with medieval-fantasy style and now we have fucking smarthphones on a fucking Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts game. I don't care about airships but smartphones?!

| Kingdom hearts is shit

| >>528578
Haha, true. Didn't think about that. Just wanted to know what people thought about all this pop media in KH3. That's right though huh. Even FF is becoming more modern.
Anyway, wouldn't KH3 be more geared towards adults then? KH1 for kids, KH2 for teens, and then KH3 for adults? KH3 just feels like an odd mix.

| >>528819 I can't say because it's a little based on spoiler (Epilogue), but it's rumored that the next KH will have a higher age-rating (+10 I believe) because as KH3 is exclusively Disney worlds, the next one will be Square Enix exclusive (personally I can't think it will be true, except if its an spin-off where Disney characters doesn't need to appear (like in DDD Donald and Goofy are not needed))

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