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| Currently intensively playing Umineko and very much enjoying it. What are you g/u/rls into

| I only played katawa shoujo (my first one), both Steins gate VNs and dokidoki(meh), and will play in the future chaos;child

I also have in my sights the fate stay night VNs but I need time for that

H visual novels don't really interest me thought I unironically liked katawa shoujo

I appreciate recommendations!

| >>528120
It almost sounds like you HAVEN'T played VA-11 HALL-A.

| >>528135 oh well it was so obvious I didn't even mention it :P

| The only two VN I have ever played are vallhalla and that one shitty hentai novel I bought in a kiosk in late 2000s. It has been 2 years since I've played vallhalla and I still can't find anything so stylish, engaging and with a little bit of interactiveness.

| >>528120 Most visual novels have hentai, fate:s/n has it in fact. Fault by AiD is a great no-hentai series.

| Utawarerumono
The original one
Aruruu a precious

| I'll still keep shilling Sekien no Inganock like a madg/u/rl that I am.

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This thread is permanently archived