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Thoughts on N1RV Ann-A and Venezuela

| >VA-11 Hall-A spoilers will be mentioned in this thread.

Lately, things have been happening in Venezuela, and I have been thinking. How will this affect N1RV?

Some things might change in Venezuela in the next two years, and while the focus of this game isn't on Glitch City, there is enough of that place lurking around to make a comment or two, draw the parallels and continue where we left, with the disbanding and all that.

>I want Dana and Jill to make a cameo!

| If something were to happen, should they make a nod to it? While VA-11 takes inspiration from their experiences in Venezuela, it's world isn't an exact copy of ours.

Things changing for better or worse in real life should not affect the world they want to create.

>Still waiting for Devlog 3

| Yes.

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This thread is permanently archived