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Recommended JRPG?

| Lately I've been in the mood to play a JRPG. Both for command/turn-based combat and exploration. I want to scratch that itch for commanding a party, leveling/character building, and exploring.

Etrian Odyssey mostly fits this but I like seeing my party members and exploring more than dungeons, such as towns and an over world.

Any reccs, g/u/rls? I have a PS4, 3DS, and Switch.

| Persona 5 is great for anything but exploration. I feel like Etrian Odyssey will complement that nicely with its focus on exploring the dungeons. You might wanna wait for EO Nexus though.

| Oh yeah, also Dragon Quest 11.

| Entire Mother Series, mega epic
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| >>527602 Persona 5 isn't quite what I was looking for. The in-game schedule and deadlines goes against just chilling out the way I want with an explorable world.

| Xenoblade.all of them.

| >>527615
The deadlines there are anything but strict, but yeah,I understand what you mean. What're your thoughts on DQXI?

| >>527642 I haven't played it but I'm interested. I was half way through DQVIII on PS2 and enjoyed the classical, whimsical, and silly feel it has.

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| I know that Xenoblade Chronicles X isn't on any of your systems, but if it gets ported from the Wii U to the Switch (which it should) then pick it up day one.

It's incredible. If you love exploration this will definitely scratch that itch. Incredibly beautiful, almost completely open world.

The gameplay itself is really good too. I don't think the story was anything special, but the setting and concept is really cool, and again, it's incredibly fun and rewarding to explore.

| Tales of games are pretty chill, pretty expansive world-building, decent character building, and heavily J in the JRPG.

| Try FF?

| >>527698
It's funny that Final Fantasy is the first thing people thought of when asked for a JRPG. FF is a Weird series and each entry, especially recently, is wildly different to each other. Don't look there if you want comfy familiar JRPG.

| >>527698 >>527727 Final Fantasy 1 fits this. I kinda miss that.

However, it's outdated today and playing it again right now wouldn't feel as special as the first playthrough.

| >>527727
Final Fantasy IX is a comfy familiar JRPG. And the best game in the series. Fight me.

| >>527746 I don't deny it's the best in the series. 9 is one of my most favorite.

| I'm a big fire emblem fan, I happened to enjoy Echoes. Octopath was good, not the best but decent if you want a more standard jrpg party turn experience. Xenoblade Chronicles is good, though I was a bit disappointed by the second one in the series. If you don't mind having an older game I suggest you get the wii version of Xenoblade. The 3ds port is okay but I wish the view was bigger.

| Tales of Berseria best of the best

| >>32bd9e I second Xenoblade Chronicles X. It's a bit of an odd game with some obvious flaws, but it was also one of the most absorbing and explorative game experiences I've ever had.
Highly recommended. It can be a little dense at first, but stick with it, and it'll all start to click.

| >>528074
I can't get into Tales of... series no matter what. Tales of Symphonia seems like it would be right up my alley, but I just played a little bit last year and haven't launched it again since.

| try suikoden maybe

| >>528589
Have you ever tried tales of phantasia? It's the first one but it's honestly the best one imo. It also has a more classic feel considering it came out way back when. And if you like that one, the summon night swordcraft story gba games are similar and v. Good.

| >>528719
Beat both Swordcraft games and enjoyed them a lot. Tales of Phantasia just doesn't click with me for some reason.

| >>528719 Tales of Phantasia is great. And how about that Elsa chick? I bet she fucks like a tiger!

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