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Watchu playin' /v/?

| I'm currently playing Sunless Skies, what about you guys?

| Wargroove is my jam. Oh, and also grinding out the last bits of story quests in MHW.

| Been getting back into Overwatch. Now that I've got it running on Linux, it's hard to put down

| Re-playing Yakuza 0 while waiting for Kiwami release. That's what you get for sticking to PC.

| Some sick beats.

| I just bought Project Warlock and have been having a great time with it.

| Yoshi's Island, Super Metroid and Castlevania Aria of Sorrow

| Wargroove, Enter the Gungeon, Fire Emblem Fates, and Hitman

| Chasm, Wargroove at weekends and always Crypt of the Necrodancer and Streets or Rogue

| GRIP & SMITE right now. Friends picked up SMITE again, so im going back to it.

Love to play GRIP in my downtime otherwise, been trying to 100% but im I have to find which races I came second on, and redo them. Im at 98% rn.

| Replaying Final Fantasy XIII while livetweeting my (mostly) critical commentary on it. This game is Weird.

>>527537 Ooh, how's Sunless Skies? I keep thinking about buying it, but I'm not quite done with Seas yet.

| >>527684
Not the same g/u/rl, but, well, it's pretty much more of the same. Except now it has floating trains, because of course it does.

| Dark Souls 3, waiting for a friend so he will borrow me Yakuza Kiwami

| >>527684
As someone who liked the writing but not the gameplay of Sunless Seas, I think it's a complete improvement on it, there's some changes to make the game less obtuse and give more direction to the player, but essentially it's the same... But better, much better.

| RE2 Remake. The Tyrant is really something else.

| playing oblivion again. i've only got 2 texture mods this time, but it's way prettier than i remember. and way more fun, too - it sounds nerdy, but actually taking the time to roleplay your character makes the game ten times better.

| Been playing a super golden oldie, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. That and some Stellaris. Been really fun so far.

| I can't get enough of E.Y.E Bovine Cybermancy. It took me a couple of tries to get into it but now I'm hooked.

| Europa Universalis 4. After a successful Baltic Crusade run as the Teutonic Order, I decided to play as Switzerland.

Somehow, Byzantium, who always is conquered in the first 10-15 years is expelling the Ottomans out of the Balkans. First they took the greek coast, and now they are invading Anatolia.

I had nothing to do with that. Probably a triple war between Venice, Austria-Hungary, and the Mamluks gave Byzantium enough time to take some provinces.

The swiss could do better.

| >>95707b Ah.. the cycles of guilt continues sister. Be sure to check if your legs are ok.

| >>528041
It's all good as long as I gain brouzouf.

| Sunless Skies is fantastic, already sunk (heh) 30 hours into it and having a blast

| Apex legends, the new titanfall-ish battle royal

| Roblox FPS shooter PF

Very easy place to bully infants playing it

| >>528105 what launchers is that on

| >>42caf3 Origin, inferior shite but at least it's a good game.

| >>528569
>good game
hahaaaaa sure, i thought so to, then deleted it after a few hours or so
it appears that i don't like battle royale genre as a whole, though, so ymmv

| Wargroove has controlled my mind since it came out.

| The red strings club
Just picked it up today

| >>528664
Ooh, same here! Although I still kinda suck. Even though I try to implement some strategy, eventually there comes a moment when I need to push in order to break the stalemate with me and opponent dancing around our respective units' ranges, and that's exactly where I start losing.

| Rimworld. Specifically like a comfy management sim more than hellish madness.

| >>528735 Selling drugs, organs and cowboy hats made out of human skin to space pirates isn't comfy?

Someday I should return to it. Used to have a nice base. 51x51, surrounded by a wall, 5 granite blocks thick, enough to hold early to midgame raiders.

Except grenade raiders.

Fuck grenade raiders.

Enough space for rice, 4 9x9 bedrooms, a kitchen, storage, workstation, generator room, dinner room and two tiny hospital bedrooms.

Best of all, it's modular. 25 9x9 modules total.

| Been replaying Pkmn Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of sky, imo the last good Mystery dungeon game.

| >>528758
Eh, Super Mystery Dungeon was okay-ish. Although I agree that Explorers of Sky is the best one.

| Monster Hunter World, this game is addicting as fuck.

| Playing Skyrim for the first time.

| Still playing Wargroove. Still like it a lot, even though I've been stuck on 3-2 for longer than I care to acknowledge.
Also getting back into Into the Breach for the first time in forever. Another great game.

| >>8595fd For the first time on the 5th release you mean. Lord Todd wouldn't be so happy if he found out there was a sinner who had yet to experience Skyrim on both the Atari and the Nintendo switch and every release in between...

| >>528758 >>528858
"The last good Mystery Dungeon game" you are kind of right but there is more to MD than just Pokemon. Try to find them if you want more Mystery Dungeon experience.

| >>528987 zettai hero project best mystery dungeon game

| Explorers of Sky is also my favorite Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I'm replaying BOTW on hardmode, and waiting for Aragami to come out on the switch. I've been dying to play it for a while, and although I have it on my laptop it's too harsh for my computer to run it.

| I'm back playing Skyrim and I STILL find quests I haven't done. This game is cursed/blessed

| Re2remake

| im living on destiny 2 and warframe right now

| >>529066 Todd breaks into your house at night an creates new quests. He does that with everyone, and every Skyrim is unique for each person. You can't trully beat Skyrim unless you buy ALL OF THEM.

| >>529154
Hey, actually, which one do you prefer/would recommend to start and why?

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