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Wargroove is amazing and you all should get it

| Seriously, if any of you g/u/rls are at least a tiny bit interested in (or at least curious about) strategy games, pick it up, it's just great. Especially if you're a fan of AW and are tired of waiting for over a decade for a new game to come out. Although be warned that it might be a bit simpler than AW.
Chucklefish is actually picking up their slack after the fiasco that was Starbound and is already preparing to patch some stuff that players commented on.

| The commander portraits are still somewhat questionable, with excess shading and "tumblr noses", but they're not TOO bad and potentially moddable.

| It's seriously amazing.
But the commander portraits are god awful.

| >>527439
I've seen "fixed" sprites on reddit already, someone'll probably mod them in soon, at least on PC.

| I'm leaving my bad review until they let you place CPU-only on custom maps in order to get 8 players at once (the game can do so in test mode, but they won't let you save it), AI's on online mode, hability to play with friends on matchmaking and a freaking use for the villager.

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To be honest, 8 players at once sounds crazily unnecessary in a game like this. It would be hard to get something good out of a match with that many people IMO.
AIs on online mode are coming soon, as far as I'm aware.
About 2v2 matchmaking I'm not so sure, but it would be cool if they decide to add it later.
Use for a villager? Wtf do you even want to do with a villager? They're not even part of the "main" game mode, and I'm pretty sure they have enough use in the editor.

| >>527535
Oh and also, I think that really isn't a solid reason to leave a bad review, just because you want more stuff added to the game that didn't even really promise that stuff to begin with, as far as I'm aware.

| >>527542 bad review because these are basics in these kind of games, basics that has been there since always. Villagers should be able to do something, I'm not asking for building like Age of Empires, but at least being able to capture empty buildings, or repair them efficently. Maps can be 96x96 max, and 30x30 can already be too big for just 4 players. In these games having more players require new conditions and there is more tension + fun

| This gives me a bad taste with a game like this, I really want to love it and play it for years, but there are some basics that's incredible Chucklefish didn't pay attention on as some balancing problemes but that's normal.

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Oh no, g/u/rl, these aren't "basics that been there always." These are just some completely ridiculous and random things that you for whatever reason feel entitled to get in this game.
Villagers never were a part of Advance Wars and they shouldn't be a part of Wargroove. It's a very different kind of strategy if you haven't noticed yet.
The 8 player maps are up for debate, I'll give you that. But balancing that will be a nightmare given that FTA is a major factor as is.

| Already bought the game. I'm enjoying it so far. ^_^

| >>527570 online AIs + Playing with friends + randoms (let's call them lobbies) are basics for online experience in strategy games that have online. If you are including Online to your game, do it right, these basics has been there since the 90s.

| Advance Wars is not the only game that exists that is turn based tactics, of course normally these games like FE, FFT or Disgaea don't have buildings, but for example Age of Kings is there and had villagers who where useful even though they couldn't fight (still could attack and kill weakened units) strategy isn't different to Wargroove, if you make a class, make it useful for something, JUST something else than just a living ward if you have fog enabled.

| I meant balancing to some abilities, (I don't know the names sorry) the one who makes 2 bombs is ridiculous, makes little damage even both to the same unit and takes A LOT of time compared to anyone else. Each can only hurt maximun 3 units, to hit 4 the oponent should be stupid enough to round the bomb-bat. You could accumulate them but no match will take you that much.

| >>527621
The fucking villagers aren't even really in the game save for some story missions and custom maps for fucks sake.
And patches for online stuff and balancing are currently in the works.

| >>527643 they are in the codex, on custom maps, everyone can make custom maps ergo THEY ARE IN THE GAME, they are on the chess gamemode where they are the weak point, YOU CAN'T USE THEM FOR PUZZLES stop pretending they are not there. I'm just saying they need something, I'm not freaking saying they must be the Sleep of Jigglypuff in SSB, relax, I don't want to change your meta you think is just a fantasy themed Advance Wars. I want funtonality from something a game gives me.

| >>527647
That's it, I'm done, you're fucking mental, have fun shitting on villagers in custom player-made maps for no real reason other than having a stick up your arse.

| >>527648 thanks for your understanding in other's suggestions and your hostility, I hope I never find you on matchmaking or /u/ ever again lol

| What the fuck happened here

Captcha Jays truth vulva

| >>527666
Someone said some more or less unpleasant things about the game and someone took exceptional (if irrational) offense to that.
So basically, business as usual here on danger/u/

As for me, I don't care much about the villager issue. I didn't even think they were available outside of escort missions lol. I guess it would be neat to add some functionality to map editor so they could do something in custom maps, but I'm fine either way, never bothered me in campaign or online.

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