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LEAST favorite Pokemon & why?

| You heard me, spill the tea!

| The game or actual Pokemon? If the latter, that would be Muk - literally a pile of shit lol

| >>526955 literally me before entering, please OP specify!!
Least favorite Pokémon game: Let's Go, I won't say it's a bad game because it's different, it's a bad game because how bad it tries to be the same to older games, it's fake Nostalgia with no logic given.

Least favorite mon: gotta be Incineroar because Litten deserved a magestic evolution rather than another humanized-to-fight Pokémon

| Probably Kakuna because...


| Having done the 6 Smeargles run myself, I can say this: Smeargles are fucking painful to work with. But I don't know if they're my least favourite.

There's Gen 2 Scizor that still sticks out like a sore thumb in my book. It's not fun having it when everyone is out to counter steel (read: Skarm' or Steelix) in that gen.

Oh, and while we're at it: any traded evolutions. Steelix, Alakazam, all of them. I hate them to death. They're a stupid concept then, they're still stupid now.

| The day I got internet, was the day I set up the Wi-Fi Connection and played Pokémon Platinium (got released a day earlier in Germany) all I had on my Platinum at that time was my team and an Enton, the German name of Psyduck. My sister wouldn't lend me her DS to trade that day so I thought I can use the Wi-Fi Connection. I offered my first DS Pokémon the oldest I still had, a lvl 100 Empoleon from my Perl, for a level 20 Psyduck. And I got a Psyduck. JUST NOT MY FUCKING PSYDUCK.

| Fuck psyduck I had successfully forgotten that incident

| >>527300 hang on, you got different Pokemon names in Germany?
...ok, just checked German PokeWiki and it seems you do!
Also, this Psy...Enton has seen some shit:

| How has no one mentioned Zubat yet? I'm so sick of those bastards. So many in every single game...
And confuse ray! Why would you add the most irritating move to the most irritating poke?
Then to insult me further, my first shiny was a Zubat. My feelings wouldn't be hurt if I never saw another Zubat again.

| >>527418
I'm sorry but Zubat at least has Crobat, and you only seen him once in the game, because he is on caves.
Fucking Patrat and Yungoos appear all over their regions, they are useless and disgusting ugh

| Excadrill. Useless in the hands of the player, an annoying piece of shit in the hands of an npc.

| Pidgy. They are everywhere

Jynx. Because it's disturbing

And every pokemon from every generation except the first one, because they have no soul

| >>527759 acording to you Magnemite and Parasect have a soul but for example Mudkip doesn't.
You are the one not having soul m/u/n

| >>527759
>Except the first one.
You enjoy your gen with stupidly OP Psychic, useless Poison & Dark, idiotic Crit calculation (Hello, Razor Leaf!). Oh what's that? Your Charizard can't use Fly either!

But yeah, I do agree that the recent generations are super bad. The newer mons are just fillers, to be honest.

| >>527784 >dark
It didn't even exist you fricking dummy
>semen hoop rube

| >>527818
Got Dark and Ghost confused. (I'm >>aae4cb)

| My least favorite pokemon are both in the Ariados family. Arachnophobia runs in my family, though Galvantula and the gen 7 ones are somewhat okay for some reason. As for game, honestly I really wasn't too fond of generation 7 that much, nor pokemon go if that counts.

| I don't like Incineroar tbh, because it turns a cute cat into a buff wrestler furry

| Trubbish

It kind speaks for itself doesn't it

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