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Online cyberpunk world

| I have finished Broken Reality and got back into vaporwave and cyberpunk. I had played that Worlds.com thing a while ago so after finishing Broken Reality I thought:"What if there was a real mmo cyberpunk world like this?". So, are there any?

| MUDs won't work, though. They aren't mmo. At least they are not intended to be mmo.

| what about [Star Citizen]?
Although I don't have enough money to buy it.
But I hear the game has a good reputation
I've seen some videos that make me feel good, too.

| A multiplayer game will never be good for environment, ambiance, and lore.

| >>648606 The holy trinity.
Would be a cool thing to see happen, something that's not so fighting oriented either (personal thoughts)

| >>526743 How about the Journey tho?

| >>526759 Journey was a good band.

| Imagine if people make a multiplayer mod for cyberpunk 2077

| >>526743 that's where GTA and Saints Row proves you are wrong

| Okay, I made a mistake. What I meant by multiplayer was "massively" multiplayer.
As for GTA/Saints Rows, I don't see any kind of good environment, ambiance, or lore. Those are their weak points, actually, so I don't see how it could be used as an argument.

| >>527039 I guess you mean relating to Cyberpunk-life because if else I don't know how could you say these games, specially the newer ones, have bad environment, ambiance or lore, they are wonderful worlds in a real life based lore (to a point, Saints Row 4 went another way, which reminds me of Agents of Mayhem which is a futuristic Korea, but no MP) and when you play these games, even on MP you really feel inmersed in these worlds. GTA Online/MTA can be count as MMO.

| I dont know if it's around anymore but I used to play a cyberpunk mmorpg called Neocron some 16 years ago.

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This thread is permanently archived