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Metro exodus

| Well the most hyped up game of 2019 and its already turning to pure shit.

I'm honestly really disappointed in the game developers

| >>526611 don't judge the game by that and devs said it was all the publisher not their choice, that said I'll wait the year to play it fuck fortnight launcher

| And then there's Dauntless telling their players to migrate to Epic Games Launcher, it's currently opt-in for now.

| You can say that the Metro fanbase had an...





>badum tiss

| >>526756


*slow clap*

| It would have been fine if they said they were going to go epic exclusive months ago, so they can't threaten the fans if they fucked us first

| Thats why im playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R right not baby~, Anomaly is pretty good.

| >>526620

A dev just went full retard and said that if fans don't buy this game, the next one won't come out on the PC.

So yeah... lol 4A.

| >>526947 ehh it's not as clear cut as that, saw a better translation and it looks like he was saying if everyone boycotted the game that the next night not be on PC, it's probably saying if the PC loses money they might not have a reason to make a pc version, and there was an official post saying 4a this person is just an upset developer and doesn't represent the company and that it was the publishers decision not 4a

| >>526996

and this is why public relations is important. the damage has already been done. perhaps irreparably.

| >>526996
Too little too fucking late.

| https://youtu.be/jZTgSaokPzw?t=415

Don't hate the devs. The PC comment was a bit fucking retarded but overall they put a lot of effort into it and got fucked by a retarded publisher and a greedy company who wants to topple steam for the fuck of it. Scream at the publisher, scream at EG, don't scream at 4A. Also I was expecting this game to flop since I saw it.
>open world metro
nah, just play stalker. It's going against the formula of the previous games. Still want it to succeed.

| >>526997 >>527240 indeed

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