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Want to play some anime multiplayer shooter

| Know of any? Like day of infamy but with cute anime girls instead of nazis.

| You could play Insurgency or Left 4 Dead 2 with anime mods but those are kind of just silly. Is Earth Defence Force an anime shooter?

You could probably search on Steam for the tags *Anime*, *Multiplayer* and *Shooter* and see what you get

| Gunz the duel?

| Ah, was going to reccomend one, but it has Nazi Anime G/u/rls. Sorry. You can't escape the Nazis, unless you're Indiana Jones.

| Nazi anime girls are okay.

| There's Peach Beach Splash, which is the go-to anime tps, but if you want a more rough around the edges game, there's also Battle Splash 2.0

| >>526486 pretty sure the multiplayer is dead.. or if it is active, then it is plagued with cheaters; just like other Senran games after a month of the release.

| Hey, does anyone remember S4 League? Ah, those were the days...

| Ring of Elysium has some pretty hot animu models

| EDF is pretty good.

| The only literal anime shooter game apart from S4 League, is Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet, which is Gun Gale Online from the SAO anime. To what I know is more like a fake Mmorpg (I only played AWvsSAO so I guess they went the same gameplay design except no wings) but that's the nearliest you can find without moding Left 4 Dead, Doom, Quake or GTA. There is a bad hentai shooter game that's literally Left 4 dead on Steam but I can't remember what was the name, no multiplayer though.

| I feel like the style doesn't really lend itself to a fast paced shooter

| This thread made me realize this is something that still hasn't been done on the market, you can easily profit from making a game like this and make it unique compared to other fps's.

I'm sure it's possible to pull off

What does EDF stand for?

| >>526632 earth defense force

| I mean there is that Chinese version of Counter Strike where you can play as waifus but like I said, it's Chinese only and has micro transactions to hell.

| Do mecha games count? Cause there is a hell lot of them, and it's not like mechas can't be cute girls

| What about Sao fatal bullet? It's a third person shooter and animu but it's Sao and it's kind of clunky, not "too bad" tho

| Nah. Sao doesn't look like my cup of tea. Besides I didn't watch the second season of the anime (and don't want to).
Mechs and edf are not really cute anime girls.

| >>526833
Season one started of promising but ended up being pretty shit when it came to everything except visuals.

Season two was just good visuals with no real plot.

Season three starts of with 20 minutes of talking, 1 minute of something slightly interesting, 10 minutes of absolute garbage and 7-8 minutes of shit.

| >>526962 Sao doesn't try to be an usual anime from later Season 2 (even more in all games), it's more likeanime shows like Shin Chan or Doraemom, where there is no story telling, just a "see another chapter of what happened someday we don't really care why and when" but the games are good if you skip the story if you like farming, Fatal Bullet let's you play with a full custom character.

| I actually liked the 1st season. Don't want to watch the next cause it seems like they are bad.

| Splatoon is kind of an anime shooter tbh

| >>527006 those are called "fillers". Almost all long running shounen have them.

| >>527193
Two seasons of filler when the main content is far from the best is not called filler. It's called a bad anime.

| >>527193
Not quite, I mean fillers are placed between arcs, these 'fillers' you call never preluded a new season, not even like shonen usually do. You can watch them in any order because there is no sequence at all. It's a mess

| >>527263 the quality of the main arcs doesn't change the fact that those side episodes are put there to fill the gap between arcs. Bad anime can have fillers, good anime can also have fillers.

>>527265 eh, I though fillers are not necessarily act as a prelude. Sometimes they are just there to make more episode/buy time for the source material. For examples, naruto fillers after chunin exam.

| Those fillers arc lasts 1-3 episodes, you can watch the arcs in any order. They also fill the rest of the season with anime only fillers until they end the anime and start a new one with Naruto Shippuden.

| >>527283 >>527288
I get the feeling that you haven't watched SAO. It's not that the series has a lot of filler. It has maybe 2-3 episodes of filler, which is completely normal. It's just that the show is bad.
(I think we may have ruined this thread. Sorry.)

| microvolts lmao

| soul worker.

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