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best waifu making games???

| im a horny

| Wish I knew, lots recommended custom maid 3d2 there might be a newer game by the same company, and honey select

| Anime style:
>Custom (order) Maid 3D 2 or >Koikatsu/Koikatu
Custom maid has a training and management mechanics; it also has scenarios like drunk, NTR, bath, etc.
While koikatsu offer free roam and a more choice in the customization.

Realistic Style:
>Honey Select
Never tried TK17, but iirc it is better for making western charactets; while oriental/asian characters are better made with honey select.

| Or if you prefer games with actual gameplay:

>Senran Kagura
The first, second, and shooter game lets you customize the characters.

>Soul Calibur VI
People made 2B before she was added as a DLC.

-WWE2k19/ 2Kwhatever year it is
Make your own custom wrestler and do stuff.


| For anime waifus
>literally any eroge game
For realistic waifus
>Dragon's Dogma
a shit ton of choices in character customization
mods will give you an unlimited choices of customization
>Black Desert Online
I didn't personally like the game but character customization is damn good too

| Play Home if you're into r*pe
Cm3d2 is great

| God Eater 2 Rage Burst is THE create-your-own-anime-waifu/husbando-and-have-them-beat-up-monsters game.

| >>523145
Shame the actual gameplay is shite though.

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This thread is permanently archived