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Shill games you enjoy

| Just finished va11halla in one sitting. What do i do with my life now, send suggestions

| Go play Girls Frontline, collab stuff VA11 is coming soon

| Donut County is fun

| Stardew Valley is a chill game as well

| >>520965 please shill it more, I am anti gacha, but pro va11 hall a. So I am in the fence.

| >>521049
How'd you get in there?

| Play soul knight its awesome

| Slave's Sword.

| >>521049 ok, on the fence.

| Hunter call of the wild. chill game and pretty fun. reliant on dlc though and kind of falling into the payday 2 dlc trap of making a million fucking dlc. still fun and the tiny bugs here and there give it some humor.

| Subnautica is also a very beautiful chill game but can be spooky at first, especially if you're like me and used to be spooked by the deep unknown.

| BotW. It's chill.

| I started playing cross code, it's not exactly chill but it feels very wholesome so far

| Dragon Quest XI. Endearing characters, very distinct towns and beautiful world that when mixed together make it a top notch adventure experience.

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This thread is permanently archived