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| are there any half decent ones. I don't think there are.

| It depends on what you're looking for.

| Gw2 has a very decent combat system
Kinda a weak story though.

| FFXIV is top notch.

| >>520291 wut this g/u/rl is saying right here

| Blade & soul is pretty good

| Spiral Knights

| First you need to know what kind of mmorpg you want... Otherwise they will all be garbage

Doy you like PvP or PvE better? What about hardcore PvP and raiding? What about F2P vs paid mmorpgs? Fantasy or futuristic?

| >>520370 even though it's one of the best i've played, it's pretty much dead nowadays, also the fact that it's pretty much RNG Hell since the Orbs of Alchemy became a thing.

| pos2?

| It's been said FFXIV is good and I agree, storywise, but the community is dying a bit and coming back tk life every time there's a patch. Combat is not for everyone but I enjoy it.
Closers is fun, interesting story, but the game itself may feel unsatisfying at times.

| This: https://discord.gg/mtSRXek

Text based MMORPG played entirely in Discord, that's surprisingly good.

Slime is a basic resource that works as both HP and Mana, and can be traded in for the in-game cryptocurrency SlimeCoin.

There are two gangs (the best one being killers) and you can join one of them. When you're not in a gang it's easier to gain slime, but you don't have access to weapons, and you can help with capturing map locations.

It also has a really cool community.

| >>520599

It also has a surprising amount of depth to it, while still remaining easy to get into.

If you're looking for an MMORPG that you can sink an endless amount of hours into, this is probably it.

Since you loose everything except your SlimeCoins and pets when you die, you need to be careful and properly plan out your actions when trying to pull of something big.

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This thread is permanently archived