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Hardcore games

| i like my games hard as fuck and i love to satisfy my masochist self by making the enemies buff enough to beat the living fucking shit out of me no matter how good my gear is and if i even notice my game is slightly easy i fuckin mod that shit and buff the enemies all the fucking way to ensue that i will continue getting beaten
my favorite games modded to be hardcore are

The Witcher 3 but with combat rebalance and combat is 2x faster.
Gothic 2 but with my own rebalance mod

| S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat with Misery mod

..that's really it, i've finished witcher 3 and gothic but stalker because this is what i fucking call real hardcore shit
I'd appreciate any suggestions for hardcore games or mods for certain games

| Dark Souls would be an obvious choice. But the series is simple enough where once you learn to dodge and hit, it's not as tough.

So I suggest Nioh. Much more in-depth combat and you need to have better reflexes. It's on PS4 and PC.

| Natural Selection 2

| If any of you guys hate yourselves, get Darkest Dungeon. If you also hate someone in particular, name your unit after them.

| Minesweeper

| Dwarf Fortress.

| In games like Bastion and Transistor from super giant games. you can adjust difficulty very unique, so it could be very hard to play without modding.

Also good games are, Furi, Darksouls,Eris action, blood born Monsterhunter(endgame content), divinity(also have mod support), wizard of legend.

| Play a multiplayer game cuz all of your enemies will destroy you and fuck your mom

| >>0e4e15
Suggest starcraft 2
Only play with koreans, good luck!

| >>520270 >>520298
Or better, play any (PC) Arena FPS,preferably older ones such as UT2004, Xonotic, etc with a veteran playerbase.
You will say "how the Fuck did he do that" within your first minute in a match.

| >>5ca81a

| >>520246
Ep, this is good choice

| Minecraft with "/gamerule naturalregeneration false"
Thank me later

| >>520464 alternatively make/find a mod to make creepers explosions the side of a nuclear bomb

| Expert Terraria if you haven't played it at all or know very little of the game. Powerspike butthurt is guaranteed, though the game gets casual when you know where and when you can get the most optimal gear for your. Rain World is also a very good game for you, it's very unforgiving and fuck it's also creepy af sometimes.

| >>520572 > for your
For you.

Also to clarify
> though the game gets casual when you know where and when you can get the most optimal gear for you

happens only after a few full playthroughs and a lot of wiki lurking. Thus if you don't Google too hard game stays harsh for like 200 hours or so. Also there's mods.

| >>520464 I sunk a lot of hour in a world with this mode. After I get a regen beacon at my base, it is basically a normal minecraft; not to mention iron farm.

It did make expanding base/ exploring harder.

Note: I played on hard, not hardcore.

| Super Meat Boy and depending on your luck TBoI: Rebirth, can be very unfair. Eventually I'm sure there are some mods out there that make the game harder. Plus there's a secret playable character pretty easy to unlock that literally dies on first hit, so if you're up for an extra challenge The Lost is the one for you

| Try out dungeon crawlers like Wizard of Legend
I also like Hotline Miami, nothing too difficult but still challenging and encouraging agressiveness
Celeste was satisfying

| What about nekopara 18+ edition... That's hardcore, right?

| >>520790 yes

| >>520790 definitely

| Fucking Dark Souls no armor, no weapons, no nothing. Just fist your way through all the games. GL.

| Battletoads.

I got up to Intruder Excluder last time I played.

| >>521071
You can obtain the same result in any Rpg game that requires updating your inventory...
And I'm sorry but Monster Hunter without anything, just kicks, is more challenging than DS, and even more if you consider that MH has time limit

| Hollow Knight in Steel Soul

| Mother fucking bullet hells, i hate them but I love them.

| >>521139
MH with only kicks just sounds annoying though. Is that even beatable?

| You can turn aby shitty Pay to win MMO games to a hardcore gake by not spending any money.

| *any

| >>521178
I think it's straight up impossible to beat some of the monsters with just kicks, especially in high rank and ESPECIALLY in G rank. But don't quote me on that, it's just my assumptions.

| >>ad61df Only got to Skadovsk so far in MISERY but by fuck is it looking to be hell. I already dearly love STALKER and I believe it's quite a unique and challenging game but yeah, MISERY is just dark souls but a first person survival ukraine simulator but also on crack cocaine and makes dark souls look like a fucking kiddie pool. STALKER in general is pretty fucking good and immersive and somewhat hardcore but MISERY is definition of blood soaked barbwire on steroids.

| KoF 2001 set to level 8. Motherfucking Igniz becomes literally untouchable.

| For racing games, Motorstorm and GRIP are my go to for Hardcoreness.

GRIP is unforgiving and boast a very steep learning curve that, unfortunately; causes alot of people interested in the game to quit early. Mainly due to the disruptions the weapons cause combined with lateral movements that is core

Motorstorm back in the day, and still is cut-throat off road racing. Pacific Rift gave way to very salty and agressive players online, plus the courses dont shit around for newbies.

| The Armored Core series can be a pain in the ass and unforgiving. Especially the first one.

| Recently I started play Kingdom Come Deliverance in Hardcore mode. Your map doesn't show where you are, so you have to figure it out on your own. Today I attacked a bandit base near Skalitz. Killed almost everyone, but had to follow someone, then I found a cuman that was actually three cumans. I ran away and beated the one that followed me. But I had to follow him. Then I ended up in the middle of nowhere, was attacked again, found Skalitz and killed the last two sleeping bandits.

| Xcom terror from the deep, slay the spire, they are billion, stranger of sword city, furi, enter the gungeon, killer is dead, pit people

| >>521829
speaking of old x-com, how's xenonauts? looks a bit more accessible but still more involved than newer xcom

| >>3fc961
Xeno is not as hard as terror from the deep but there isnt that much difference from the old xcom the main problem with xeno is the text size is so small its kind of hard to read, if you're new to xcom or looking for a more accessible xcom then xcom2 is the better choice, the tutorial is easy to understand, the font is much better and easier to read than xeno, and the modding community is pretty big making a lot of really good mod that can make the game a lot harder

| Fighting Games against someone who's actually good.

| >>522143 My rule is that if whoever has the second player's controller in a fighting game is holding it at the same time he holds a cigarette in the same hand, you are FUCKED

| touhou project in lunatic mode, but if you prefer 3d games then ninja gaiden at master ninja

| The hardest game ever

| Did nobody mention Darkwoods? The devs on that game actually uploaded it to TPB just to make sure people played it without going to other piracy sites. It's damn good too.

| >>522284 I miss ninja gaiden 2 :(

| >>f3dc92
The emulation of ps3 and xbox 360 has done big progress, 1080p60fps+ is a good excuse to replay old masterpieces ;)

| The ubermosh series are is pretty good. It's very satisfying to get the achievements.

| >>522926 what are some good Xbox emulators? I want to play the Xbox version

| >>523200
cxbx is work in progress, probably still a year or so

| DUSK on Cero Miedo + Intruder Mode gets real fucking intense - you generally have just enough ammo to get through the next fight or two unless you go out of your way to find secrets. Duskmare is one hit death which is a bit ridiculous for a first play

| Thanks everyone, i bought some of these games, might as well do a backlog for all the hardcore games i've gotten so far so that i can flex on the casuals

| >>523542
Can't really flex with just a backlog. Better get to beating them!

| Some of the monster Hunter games might satisfy your urge, especially if you're playing solo some of the monsters will kick your ass.

| I wanna be the boshi.
I personally played pirate vikings and knights 2(pvk2)
It started like a mod for half life,but eventually turned into a game.
I have 500 hours in this game. When i was playing it back then i could beat a shit out of everyone. K/d 16/1.The most fun thing. For 400 hours i was sucking Hard and rage quited. There are many immemorial monsters like me in my best form and even better.They can kill you using only kicks which deal 1 damage and you just done for good.

| >>521495 Motorstorm pacific rift was awesome. I always played the demo at a walmart when I was a kid. I loved how you could kick people off their vehicles if you were using a motorcycle Lel. I wonder if they still make motorstorm games for the ps4.

| >>523708 Is that a mod of standard IWBTG games? What makes it different to the regular ones? also>>520076 play I wanna be the guy games and super meat boy if you want hardcore games. Some romhacks of smb games are also pretty fun since they are made to be insanely hard.

| >>523709

Me being the motorstorm vet that I am, Evolution Studions closed doors in July 2016 after Driveclub. They were taken in by Codemasters(CodemastersEVO) and made the underrated Onrush. The last motorstorm game, Apocalypse had its online server shutdown in August of this year.

It's unfortunate because MS:PR was the flagship of the franchise, and when the server went, most of the Community left too.

(Online, people were very salty. And the mechanics made more hellish)

| >>520246 this

| >>524080 Dwarf Fortress is pretty much "Ozymandias: The Game".

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