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Any thoughts on Honkai Impact 3?


| unoptimized piece of crap that froze up a galaxy s7 edge.

| Started playing very recently. The grind is a bit repetitive as a f2p player, but at least the graphics are nice to look at.
There's also new events all the time; there have been at least 3 events since I started (I started 7 days ago)

| Don't care about the game, but there's always that one shill gurl in here always recommending it every mobile game thread.

| >>519884
It's not a single gurl tho. many ppl recommend it.

| >>519849 i can run it just fine at 60 fps on a budget samsung phone on medium

I've tried it, but is the only appealing thing in the game just graphics? I found the combat to be tedious and too easy

| >>520075 it's a waifu collector at it's core. It is kinda addictive though :3

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This thread is permanently archived