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How do i get the balls to talk on the mic

| I'm a autistic g/u/rl that plays fortn- a certain game with my friends that are a bit toxic but fun but they keep telling me to enable my mic so that we can communicate better, and i def agree on that and i could do that but i feel like they would fucking laugh at me, ideas?

| What if you told them you were a mute? Jk. That might be a bad idea. Any other ideas g/u/rls? I really can't think atm, but this is an interesting predicament for me personally, because I don't enjoy VC either. Let me know if anyone thinks up any good excuses (other than my mic is broken, I've used that too many times)! Thanks!

| Personally, on the internet I don't give a single fuck what I say or do. I don't care what people think online but irl I'm quiet as fuck and every little thing people think of me effects me on a nuclear scale. Don't really know what to say but just try to think of it like it's all online and doesn't fucking matter. Free reign. Say and do what you want. Go into csgo or r6 and use vc and just be a shitlord. That might help get you acquainted.

| Just do it. If it doesn't work out for you, you can stop, but playing with people without voice chat isn't that fun.

If they straight up bully you, then fuck them.

| If your own friends are proper bullying you then yeah fuck em. If some autist on csgo is shit talking just laugh n joke around and maybe throw back some fire who knows. I remember some guy genuinely wishing death on me cause >I'm bi and I just started joking around in a redneck voice making incest jokes, lynching black jokes, lynching gay jokes etc and by the end of the match he was alright with me. Don't take shit seriously. It's the fucking internet. Fuck bad friends though.

| woah didn't mean to fully red text my bad

| >>519594
you only went like half red text so it's okay

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This thread is permanently archived