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Smash Ultimate Thread

| General Discussion of smash ultimate.
They still havent buffed mac into a viable character and it boggles my mind as to why that is. I get hes the underdog boxer but i can play my heart out and still lose to a tier list worshipping chrom short hop air dancing across the stage that even if i was to knock off stage can recover with his blast zone distance recovery. All mac needs is more recovery and positioning options. Cont-

| -cont They just need to improve the recovery distance and angle since the current one isnt good for taking stocks, giving damage or recovering from any angle except directly underneath the edge. An uppercut like captain falcons up special would remove the problem of macs current up special. They may not want to throw away the animations so the new move could just be macs air up special and the previous one could be his grounded one. The only other things he'd need to get out Cont-

| cont- of trash viability is to revert the haymaker's reach and give it a greater hitbox and increase his dodging frame numbers and distance. The latter of which makes sense with his whole boxing shtick since dodging is so vital to the punch out series.
What characters do you guys want to see buffed or nerfed and what your impression on the game?

| The Final Smash of certain characters could be fixed, like Jigglypuffs, but other than that I'm actually happy with the characters, I play

Also I feel like King K. Rool is too hard to launch

| I don't even have half the characters, damn unlocking the entire roster. Seriously not seeing why the game is getting so much praise.

| They're not gonna buff Mac because Mac is played as a hyper aggressive noob killer.

| Little mac is actually kinda decent. he's still not good in the air, but they kind of made him better. That and he can kill early on

| I'm seeing a lot of decent Little Mac's online tbh. Maybe he just has a higher skill ceiling than most.

| The hit boxes are a little off with certay characters too. I love the game, but I can't help wishing Lucina had the speed of Chrom even if it meant nerfing her a little. I'd love her to get shifted to somewhere that felt halfway between Marth and Chrom.
And Zelda needs just a little more buffing, like having less lag on her attacks, but not speeding up or changing much else. But it's still early, so more patches will be on the way.
So much to do in the game too.

| Online still needs more improvement, though...

| >>519227
Because of the amount of characters and stages

| Online isn't good, its not bad but still, I hate getting paired up in matches with items on or a FFA

| Preferred rules would be good, if they would work

Luckily, I don't mind items or hazards

| >>519352 Would be nice if they pre-unlocked a decent chunk of the roster then (including maybe some of the new ones). Nice we get all stages up front though.

| K. Rool is OP, change my mind.

| I actually kinda like the unlocking system, it feels like a reward everytime you unlock a character and it makes you realise how big the roster actually is

| >>519511

same tbh.

I also appreciate that there's an option to fight all the past characters if you lose an unlock match. When I found it, I unlocked like a dozen characters in one sitting lol.

Lost to Lucina again though. ;-;

| I'm loving the game, and I'm super excited for Joker. He may be the character that can stop me from only playing Ness.

| What DLC characters do you expect?

| >>519929
Fortnite no-skin.

| I miss unlocking trophies and think the new story mode is lack luster.

| >>519785
I'm only gonna be interested in Joker if he swaps personas. Don't care for the character himself at all but I'm hype to see the potential cast of smt demons in smash bros.

| >>520164
Persona switching has to be a thing. If not, it'll be kind of disappointing. I'll still try him though. Arsene has enough skills that they could pull of no persona switching, but I hope you can.

| >>520095 Yeah, it doesn't really deserve to be called a story mode, since there was no story besides the first cutscene

I don't mind it though, at least it's better than any of Smash 4's modes

And I really love the Classic mode

| >>520233
I could see them cutting corner because making all those models for one character sounds like a lot of work. Heres hoping though.

| >>520343
I mean, they're doing Kirby, right? If they can re-skin one character every time they add a new one, they can make 2-3 personas. While it definitely is a lot of work, they're Nintendo. They have the money and people to be able to easily do it.

| >>f72198 After learning how to dodge K Rool's annoying projectiles, you just have to punish his slow attacks. Not all that hard.

| >>9965de But even then, he can take a lot more percent before you can launch him off the stage, than any other character

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