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Series where you love the universe but hate the game itself

| I'll start with the obvious:
Mass Effect (after 2)
Dragon Age (anything past Origins)
Halo (4 and onwards are a crime)

| List threads are boring

| >>518241fpbp

| Phantasy Star Online 2. Not the PS series since each game has its own universe and characters, just Online 2. Shit game with an awesome plot.

Then came Ep4 and ruined the story as well.

| >>518241
Then why don't YOU try and save us from being a dedboard, smarty-pants?

| I'd have to say Dark Souls? I was never able to get into the mechanics and the combat annoyed me.

| world of warcraft, the devs have taken the game down a dark and shitty path

| Drakengard. :^)

| Wizard 101

That last one... You're a sea creature stuck in a human trap on the sea floor. You're dreaming the game that you play.

| >>6b63f7 I knew someone would say Drakengard. Haha. But now there's a chance that if we get a new Drakengard, it could be developed by Platinum Games...

| >>518799 cavia ressurects just to troll you with Drakengard Dancing Dragon.

| Pokemon.

| Fallout & The Elder Scrolls post Oblivion.

Skyrim is ok I guess but the writing and politics are sloppy as hell.

Well, ok, the game itself was sloppy as hell without mods.

| ...And of course, I need not explain Fallout.

| Danganronpa

| The Destiny Franchise by Bungie

| >>2f4270 Haha that would be fitting, somehow...

| Fortnite

| Dark Souls/Bloodborne has such interesting lore, but I haven't git gud yet. So, I spoiled myself by reading the lore online. I don't play anymore because now there's nothing left for me to discover on my own (except maybe the many ways of dying but I'm not too excited about that).

Other than that, maybe Resident Evil. Can't stand (survival) horror games, but all the pseudo biotech babble (and the resulting abominations) keeps it fun.

| Real life LOL

| >>519635
Ehhh, it's mostly rather bland, outside of some few somewhat interesting things.

| >>519641
That's what I said... The universe in itself is fucking awesome but what we do with it is bland and wadteful.

| >>519665
Nah, I did mean the universe, though. It's whatever. No real interesting lore tidbits or anything, and setting are also meh.

| >>519691
>No interesting lore
>Game literally has backstories about exploding gigantic ball of light, giant bipedal lizards, and some made-up lores by the players.

Maybe you need to use a Human build since it's their thing. What main are you? Shiba?

| Fallout.

I love the eighties' futuristic dystopian world, but the game itself is not my cup of tea.

| >>519744
>still playing Human in 2k19 meta
What are you, a fucking normie? Never really liked the "Jack of all trades, master of none" builds, anyway.
And yeah, exploding balls of light have literally zero backstory, they just are there and then they explode. Okay, sometimes they do it with PASSION, but still. Same with the lizards, we only know that they lived, ate and died like fucking losers in a full-server wipe.

| >>519796
You SHUT UP. The Jurassic meta was the ONLY time this game was good. Then the whiny mammal mains said "devs ban lizards" and GUESS WHAT? The devs pondered and nerfed us, dino mains, to a flying feather ball. Sure, some of us are already doing that build back then, but most of us have a tanky, beefy build. Definitely not a flying free EXP like it is now.

| And >jack of all trade.

Humans are clearly S-tier INT build. They're shit everywhere else. Can run decent tho. But calling them "jack of all trade" is stupid.

Don't be one of those players who main insects and think Human is insignificant in the current meta. They're literally going to make the sun a deadly laser again, just mark what I say. Those INT they speced is damn OP.

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