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What's your main game right now

| I don't have one because I got tired of dead by daylight, and thought I'd see what other people are playing

| Either Don't Starve Together or Hitman: Blood Money, can't decide

| Siege

| Natural Selection

| Stellaris, Payday 2, Killing Floor 2, and Girls Frontline.

Gonna open up some indie titles I got during the sale, like Iconoclast, Into the Breach, and Convoy.

| >>517749 slut

| Kirby Star Allies

| Man I should get into pd2 again, I stopped enjoying it so much when they nerfed the Galant because it's my favorite gun

| >>517767

no u

| Europa Universalis 4. Trying to do Baltic Crusader as the Teutonic Order.

So far, my best attempt to stop Muscovy ended up destroying us both.

| I'm gonna start up Persona 5 today. I've been playing Overwatch and osu! in the meantime

| Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

| I guess the Star Control 2 open source remake. Asteroids on steroids and best alien designs in vidya if you're unfamiliar with it.

| Warframe because I'm endgame and the mindless farming is all my low-faculty brain can handle right now.

| >>517799
Fuck yeah

| Hollow Knight. Game is overwhelming.

| Valkyria Chronicle, The Fall unbounded

| At the moment it's still Nier Automata. The third playthrough is pretty brutal.

| >>517749 burn this thot

| I discovered Yakuza 0 and it is AWESOME

| >>517865 burn this idiot

| I just bought Elite Dangerous.

| Chaos;Child

| I second hollow knight

| >>517858
Also For Honor. For some reason, I really like it, even though I clearly see a lot of its faults.

| Smash ultimate, fe fates, smash

| Call of Chtulhu(2005), Bioshock 2 and Bayonetta.

| Persona 5, and Resident Evil.

| >>518012 I'm curious. Which route and difficulty settings did you pick for FE Fates?

| Blade & Soul and hitman 2 (2018)

| Wurm unlimited

| Sadly FFXIV

| my main game is OP's heart

| VA-11 HALL-A. The best of. I like bartender profession and cyberpunk, so mix is making me happy as i'm in Valhalla, he-he. But i think that it needs more gameplay or action freedom. For example, simple mini-game than u re mixin or mini-game of drivin bike to home. Oh, i forgot about Julianna. This mini-scroll-shooter has blown my brains up.

| >>518157 <3

| Kara no shoujo 2

| >>518159
You're getting played!

| >>518159 >>518180 Like a damn fiddle!

| Stellaris. Right now im playing a game with max game size, max empires and playing post apocalyptic fanatic purifiers. The amount of xeno infested worlds was too much to purge with orbital bombardment alone so i started blowing them up instead.

| Original Half-life multiplayer.

| >>2e8806 I've played through both birthright and conquest, but the first time I did birthright. I'm a complete noob and suck at fire emblem games so I started with the easiest difficulty hehe. Going back through awakening on a harder difficulty now though

| Divinity series

| CS:Source.

| Stepped in my psp and broke the screen ;_; but I was playing final fantasy 8,the best comfy game of all time.

| >>518420 tbh I love fire emblem but I suck at it lmao

| Been playing Ace Attorney Dual Destinies lately, it's been good up until now.

| Stardew Valley and smash melee (still trying to get good lmao) Stardew has been way more enjoyable since the multiplayer update

| >>517696 OldSchool Runescape

| >>517858
Finally beat the true ending of Nier Automata, woo. Now I can't decide between playing Pyre, Hollow Knight, Cross Code or Battle Chasers Nightwar as my main game.

| Also wow, that pretty much white ID. >>eff0f0
Feels good, g/u/rls.
Also, kinda ironic a bit after beating Automata.

| >>518649 I've been playing CrossCode and it's fine, but I'd go for Hollow Knight. Also I hope you did the right thing at the end of the game.

| Age of wonders 1

| >>518649 CrossCode tbh

| >>518646 I've been working on agility but it hurts and I'm so burnt out on rs3 mtx that I can't switch back and forth to progress anymore

| Dishonored 2, I loved the original and finally got this one during the steam sale

| >>518651
>hope you did the right thing at the end of the game
No. No, I... Honestly, I could not. While I was going through C/D I thought myself ready, I was sure that I'll do it. But in the end, I could not. To be completely frank, I was really disappointed with that final shmup sequence. Plus, I plan on going back someday to finish getting all the achievements, so yeah...

| Still obsessed with Fire Emblem Fates.

I played Conquest on Classic mode first. Got my ass so thoroughly kicked near the endgame that I switched to Casual and lo, my life becomes so much easier.

Got so obsessed with the game that I get Birthright. It's laughably easy on Normal difficulty, I'm crying.

I don't think I'm gonna get Revelations. I love the game, but the story is such hot garbage and they say it only gets worse with Revelations.

| Breath of the wild!

| I'm searching for an online game with progression that I could get addicted to, but didn't find any until now. The closest I am to this "dream" is Destiny 2, but I didn't progress enough in the game to do the nice content

| Shower with your dad simulator and race the sun

| >>519004
What about Path of Exile? There's also Virmintide or if you want to play Morrowind coop with us.

| >>518767 PATHETIC, WEAKNESS DISGUSTS ME. I am doing another playthrough to get all the achievements.That part is also a reference to Gestalt.

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