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Just Released My First Game

| Me and some friends just finished the early version/prototype/demo for our first game. I would love it if some of you gurls tried it out and gave me their opinions.
It's a short game, so it won't take too long.

The game is a surrealistic, dark, trippy and comedic adventure game, about a boy named Johnny, who's objective is to buy milk.

You leave your house and walk to the local milk store, and that's when you meet Creepy Guy.


| uhhh thanks but not thanks

| >>516373 :(


| You had me at trippy. I'm gonna check it out when I get home from the holidays.

| >>517275
Thank you!

| Ill be checking this out tomorrow, ill be back to give feedback once ive tried it out.

| >>519208
Thanks! Feedback is always appreciated.

| What the fuck did I just download? I ran the game and it deleted my entire porn folder

| >>520622
Always happy to help!

| Windows XP support?

| >>521930
Sorry, but we don't have that right now. It should be ready some time during 2036.

| Congratulations~✺◟(•̀ω•́ )◞✺
I've always wanted to learn programming, but I don't know where to start.

| >>523295
If an actual programmer sees the code for this game they may actually die.

But if you want to learn programming, I actually recommend YouTube. You can find tutorials for all kinds of programming there, and most of it is pretty good.

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