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joker from p5 in smash

| i cant take it. i was rooting for him from day one. I didnt see that coming

| That's fucking incredible!

| I never saw it coming.
Why though?

| >>510948
Because it's fucking awesome!

| yesyesyesyesyes

| >>510948 never saw it coming either. Thought this dude was gonna show me some bullshit rumorposting but the legit fucking video. In hindsight sega does own atlus and sonic got in so it makes sense

| It's not that surprising considering P4 guy was in balzeblue

| Just realized that the modders will have an easier time trying to port other persona characters. Putting joker in smash really was the choice of the steins gate

| That kinda shame that persona series become so hype

| Omg, this is amazing! I bought the game yesterday, good to know, I won't regret it

| Playing smash rn my gurls, it was WORTH THE HYPE!

| >A chair has entered the room.

| Made a mii brawler for Dana. She fits in surprisingly well :3

| I'm so happy about this. Almost lost my shit when I saw the trailer during the Video Game Awards. It was the best part of the whole thing. Now I'll finally have a solid secondary or new main. There's no telling who the other DLC characters might be now... I'm now hoping for 2B with the possibility of a NieR Automata port to Switch

| Mara for smash

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This thread is permanently archived