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Android games?

| Umm... preferably something that doesnt feel like a mobile game.

| PPSSPP and boom you can play any psp

| Blades, when it comes out.

| H-e-a-r-t-h s-t-o-n-e

| Ace Attorney is on mobile. Professor Layton is on mobile. TWEWY is on mobile. If you have an iPhone (which isn't what you're asking, but I have to mention this), frickin' Ghost Trick is on mobile.

Mobile keep having all these great games and y'all still asking.

| Woah wait ghost trick is on iphones?

| >>496634
I have already played them
I own an actual psp

| >>496671
PSP is greatly superior to Android when it comes to games, so why not just play on that?

captcha is "grove tat gods", which amuses me to great extent

| Sdorica if you want a cool rpg

| Solomns keep is a really fun dungeon crawler for mobile

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This thread is permanently archived