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| Hi guys. I would like to sell an account with cute and atmospheric games, but I do not know where and how. Help> o <

| Hmmmm... You have my attention. As far as I am aware there is no official medium through which to buy or sell steam accounts.

| >>36054e I know, but there are sites where you can sell them by providing after receiving money your Steam data

| Pretty sure this is not very legal and may or may not result in bans (somehow). Just a friendly precaution.

| It is completely illegal, which makes it basically impossible to have a secure way to proceed to the exchange.
Sorry, but that's what you get from buying things off a cancerous DRM platform.

| >>b9481c how is steam a cancerous DRM platform? Because you need steam to start the game? It's not like valve encourages the use of things like devuno or anything

| >>496699 oh, here is that one gurl who always shit on steam on /v/. Still coming back with similar argument after your previous argument about "steam killing game industry" got debunked?

| It is as illegal as using VPN to buy games with cheaper price and using cracked game to play multiplayer games using steamworks.

In short: You might get banned if they catch you doing it.

That said, some people claim that steam sometimes will let it slide.

I mean, it is illegal to buy gacha games account, yet I can point you to sites that sells FGO accounts. Some guy actually got banned for account selling, but almost all his account has similar names, so it's him being dumb.

| >>496699
>cancerous drm
dude steam is probably the best client in existence to function as an online platform for games that doesnt get in the way of offline or single player gaming unless you need an update, specifically dropped by the dev.

fuck off

| My account would probably have a decent worth tbfh.

| >>496707
You need steam to install and start the game, as well as an internet connection in many cases. That's a DRM, and those are always cancerous.
Are you drunk? Dunno what you're talking about but I'm talking about DRMs here, not the industry or whatever.
It gets in the way of offline, since you need a steam connection to play. Only Uplay and Origin do the same.

| >>510792 I've already replied to people like you months ago. People who claim to hate steam but have no clue about offline mode. So you hear the word "drm" and instantly jump the gun.

FYI, there's offline mode, you only need to launch the game once and then you are free to to play with offline mode. If you are talking about games with 3rd party DRM on steam that requires always online, then it's not steam fault.

| >>510799 I'm pretty sure he knows about offline mode considering he explained how it works in his first sentence. Offline mode is still DRM no matter if it bothers you or not.

You know what happens if valves servers goes down? Then you can't start the game and activate offline mode. Even worse, if valve would go out of business or deem it not profitable to maintain old games then you can't play your purchased game ever again.

Why people chose steam over GOG I will never know.

| >>510834
Pretty sure if steam somehow ever went bankrupt and hat to take down Steam, they'd try to make the game playable without the thing.
I mean, they have removed some paid games from their catalog, and people who bought it can still play the game.
But yeah I guess there's no way to tell if they'd do it or not Kappa

| >>510834

She said
>since you need a steam connection to play

No, she doesn't know. Unless you are her, I can't take your word for it, since the other steam hater the other day didn't know about it either.

The point of hating DRM is because it is bothersome, if one manages to be not annoying, then there is no reason to hate them.

Discounting maintenance, the times their servers brick regularly are twice a year. At summer and winter sale.

| >>510846
Removing a game from the catalog doesn't removd it from the database, which is why it is still available like that.
And if they went bankrupt, the well-being of players would probably be completely ignored, as it'd cost money

| They usually down only for about 2-6 hours. The one that's down is usually the store one, normally, you can still play games.

>WhAt if STeam GOeS Out Of BuSineSS
If denuvo, getting cracked less than a week, still managed to be around, steam will have no problem.

Look at Uplay, Origin, and other similar service. They are smaller than steam, yet still arround. Ig stean goes down (biggest game marketplace), then the whole industry is already fucked anyways.

| >>510857
For offline mode, you need:
- Steam
- A previously connected steam account
- The game already downloaded
Which means that if Steam stops working (bankruptcy as said before, or such) and you want to keep on playing on another computer or such, you can't

| Steam is going down, guys, hide yo games. Just like google and apple, steam will also go bankrupt soon. When they have financial problems, they'll go poof in less than a second, because acquisition isn't a thing! Even if it is... pffft who will buy steam? It is just the biggest PC game marketplace, no one will be interested in that junk.

While you are at it, stop putting money in your bank accounts, WHAT IF THEY GOES BANKRUPT!? Don't invest because everything will go down!!!one!!

| >>510865
Thank you, fellow g/u/rl, for saying what I've been trying to put into words the entire morning.

| >>510857
Why are you quoting something she never said? She clearly described offline mode in her first sentence.

Even if valves own servers only goes down twice a year other stuff can happen such as routing issues between you and valve, or your own connection going down.

And eventuelly some games will stop working when valve doesn't seem it profitable to maintain them anymore.

| DRM has its drawbacks and it's okay to dislike it. I dunno why you girls are so hellbent on defending them. I use steam myself and I like it, that doesn't mean I stick my head in the sand and pretend DRM doesn't have its issues. Mocking these issues and responding with strawmen doesn't help you in any way either.

| >>510910

She said it here?

>eventually some games will stop working
Any examples?

Hellbent on defending DRM? Look at the title of this thread and the opening post. >>b9481c started it. If she doesn't say that steam is cancerous, no one will defend steam.

I dislike DRM too, but if your whole argument is fundamentally based on "what ifs" do you expect people to take you seriously?

| >>510865
I'm using the argument of "what if it goes down" because you people don't seem to understand the moral problem as long as there are no materialistic consequences. DRMs are basically a form of enslavement through dependence: you *have* to use this plateform, and you can't play without it. Games aren't yours, they are lended to you. You aren't a client nor a player for steam, you are a consumer, a money potential. And that's what I'm criticising.

| >>510983 go back to /tech/

| >>510983
This "what if it goes down" shit is dumb. If GOG goes down you won't be able to download your games either. Of course, you may have the installers downloaded already, except what if your hard drive fails? And those cloud services you've backed up the installers to, oops, they're going down as well.

| >>511026
*slow clap*

You didn't read what I wrote, did you?

| >>511113
yes i did and it doesn't matter as you're not really getting a real product anyways if you're buying digital

| Enslavement through dependance lmao what kinda bs

| >>511144
That's nonsensical. Property and digital are completely unrelated, and of course you can own something digital.

I'd suggest thinking before talking, thanks.

| >>b9481c so.. can you answer>>0eb80a question? If GOG down and you storage busted, do you still own your game?

If you buy games/app from google play, and then google goes bankrupt, do you still own those app/games?

SO if your logic is that steam is cancerous for this, everything is cancerous. How do you buy your games? Psychical copies? Pirating? What if the console/disk broke? DO you still own your games?

| >>511266 STOP asking him questions! You are enslaving his materialistic moral consequences!!! Don't bully the mentally disabled person!

| >>510983 "I'm using this shitty argumret because my initial argument is even shittier and borderline delusional"


Not even bother denying it LMAO. What are you doing in /v/ anyways, most games are proprietary, it's bad for your health. Go back to /tech/

| So how badly do you miss r/incels?

| >>511266
If your house burns down, do you still own it? Well no, because it was destroyed. Same goes for GoG, with the difference that as long as it is working it serves as a backup, and *optional* one.

>>511272 >>511273 >>511280
It's funny, the fewer arguments you have, the more you become stupid and fallacious. Did I hurt your feelings?

| >>511407 I do still own the land, I can rebuild.

So as long as GOG is around, it is good as a backup? How is steam different?

| >>b9481c yes, my moral consequences are deeply hurt by your materialistic enslavement. Happy? Now go back to your containment board.

| >>511419
Simply pitiful.

| >>510983 Damn gurl! Hey, bartender, Give me whatever this gurl is having!

| >>511407 deciding you're too far gone to argue with and instead making fun of you doesn't mean I'm wrong, just means your not worth it.

| >>511407
The other thing is, and hear me out here, if GOG goes down, I'm preeetty sure there'd be no way to prove your ownership of these games, so you might as well have pirated them.

| Holy fuck, this whole thread is full of shit

Especially with that one g/u/rl yelling the same thing so much that it starts to make no points lmao

| >>512370 You say that because you don't understand the moral problem as long as there are no materialistic consequences. Your "lmao" is basically a form of enslavement through dependence: you *have* to use this lingo, and you can't reply without it. /v/ aren't yours, /v/ is lended to you. You aren't a client nor a player for danger/u/, you are a consumer, a money potential. And that's what I'm criticising.

| >>512381
Oof, at first I almost thought it was the same g/u/rl again. You're too good.

| >>512386 we might have found a great copypasta for /v/

| >>512409
Speaking of copypastas, I wish zaneposting was still around.

| >>512412


| all i gotta say op is a little example, say you started your own business you sell cat sweaters, someone buys alot of your cat sweaters, is a fan and collects them and various versions youve made, one day the fan is like, i wanna sell these, so now the original maker of the sweater is having their own sweaters sold cheaper. and is very discouraging for the original maker. so please stop advertising something we can all buy our own, maybe even cheaper too.. go use the steam market

| Hey guys.....lets just go back to physical copies of games and avoid this whole business of if we will or not lose our games over a service shutting down

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