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Mega-Christmas is near / VA-11 Hall-A Drawings

| A couple months ago I proposed we should do something art related this Mega-Christmas.

(I kinda forgot about it because things aren't going well for me recently, sorry.)

We have two options. We can draw something specific each day during a week, or make it freestyle, and each day you draw whatever you want.

The only rule is that it has to be VA-11 Hall-A related (this includes 2064:ROM and N1RV Ann-A).

What do you think?

| >>496530 Sure sounds good although my drawings are going to be absolute shit compared to others ;_;

| Interesting but I'm afraid my drawing won't be up to standards.

| My drawings are utter trash. Maybe we can make a group for those who aren't that optimistic with their work? I'd still love to draw something for this though.

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This thread is permanently archived