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PC + DualShok

| Heya all the inhabitants of this board. I would like to know if DSH can be connected to a PC?

| You mean the PlayStation controllers? DualShock 2 works with an adapter. DualShock 3 works with USB cable if you use a third-party program. DualShock 4 works natively I think? Not sure about DS1

| >>496187 I use DS4 and you have to download something(forgot what it was exactly) to get it working

| Thanks for help guys! <3

| Ds4 works natively in Windows with Bluetooth turned on, but if you want extra features like rumble and light bar changing use DS4Windows.

| You can also just use steam for your ds4, go into big picture and enable the steam management of it or whatever it calls it and it'll treat it like a steam controller and let you re bind stuff and use macros and change the light bar and everything

| What about XBox controllers? I heard PC games support them better in terms of button layout

| >>496516 most games support c controllers and most of that software mentioned above including steam converts your ps inputs to the Xbox counterpart

| >>496728 how did Xbox get changed into "c"

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This thread is permanently archived